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Google Map List and Store Locator

Google Map List and Store Locator extension for Magento 2 is the best solution for merchants to easily help customers to find their stores on the map.



Brick-and-mortar store owners have always been puzzled with how to get customers visit their store. Customers, even when are extremely interested in something, are easily put off when they face with the problem of traveling. A simple address might not always work for those who are not naturally gifted in navigation. And when customers are deterred to visit the store, no sales is made, obviously.

So, the 1 million dollar question here is How do I guide them to my store as easily as possible? Cue the Google Map List and Store Locator extension by Magenest. Written to best support customers with Google Map and store location, this extension seeks to eliminate the inconvenience of finding a way and navigating. On shop owners' end, they can easily configure and provide information of their store regarding its location with accordance to the digital map. This information would be conveniently displayed on the website of the store for customers to view. The way to the store has never been made easier with Magenest's Google Map List and Store Locator.

The following are the key features of Google Map List and Store Locator extension.

Highlight Features

For admin

    • Show maps sorted by stores in a drop-down menu on navigation bar.

  • Show list of stores that are assigned to the maps.

  • Show map in the world.

  • Automatically find locations by searching.

  • Auto-zooms to show all locations.

  • Advanced finding directions method.

  • Support Street View.

  • Search for all locations in range.

  • Distances can be shown in Km or Miles (configurable in the settings).

  • Lists of stores in products' detail page.

  • View Popular Location details.

For customer

    • Choose your own markers' icons.

  • Set locations by directly clicking on the Map in backend.

  • Manually specify locations using Latitude/Longitude and apply them to the Map.

  • List of stores can be automatically updated when locations are added.

  • Allow admins to change the status of maps and stores.

  • Featured images for each location.

  • Store the store's details and configure their categories.

  • Assign locations to a map with a checkbox grid.

How does it work

      We created the new menu called

Magenest Map List

    . Admin will use this menu to set and manage Magenest's Google Map List and Store Locator.

magento 2 Map List

    • Configuration

      Firstly, admin need to set configurations to start using Google Map List and Store Locator extension by clicking

Magenest Map List > Configurations > Map List


      The following is the list of fields that the extension requests, including:

      + Enabled: Whether admin enable your extension to display on the front end or not.

      + Google API: You can enter a address API correctly.

      + Country.

      + Default Zoom.

      + Prefer Travel Mode.

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  • Location Details

After setting configuration completely, go to Magenest Map List > Location Details.
Then, the Location Details page will be shown, admin can view and manage them an easy way.
If store owners want to add a new location, please click on Add New Location button.
There are two tabs that you need to concern here, including:

+Location Settings:

magento 2 map list and store locator

magento 2 map list and store locator

+ Add Product:

At Add Product tab, the extension will allow merchants to add products into each location. This is the best feature that our extension brings to you.
With this feature, when customers go to the product detail page, they will see all of stores buying this products.

    There are two rule types allowing admins to choose.

magento 2 map list and store locator

  • Map Locations

After creating locations successfully, admin will need to create map lists based on the existing locations.
There are two tabs that you need to concern here, including:

+ Map Settings:

magento 2 map list and store locator

+ Add Location

magento 2 map list and store locator

  • Product Inventory

When customers go to the product detail, they will are able to see a list of the stores that still have it. Therefore, your customers can easily find appropriate locations to visit your stores.

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  • Smart direction finding method

Customers are able to find directions from and to any places directly on the map. And since our extension allows customers to locate their locations with GPS, customers can easily find the best direction from where they are to any stores or other places.

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  • Markers

Customers are able to locate any places on the map with a marker and delete that marker by clicking the right-click. They are also able to hide and show or delete all the markers of places that are being located by clicking a button on front end.

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  • View popular location details and smart searching box

The customer can view more details, image about the locations that provider by Google Map if they want. The searching box can search all the common places with a keyword and show them on the map. For example, if customers want to find all restaurants in current map, they can simply type the word "restaurant" in the search area, and the map will show all restaurants near their current locations.

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  • 100% Open source
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface
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