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Magento 2 Ajax Search

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Ajax Search for Magento 2 is a powerful tool that helps your customers find information upon their request quickly and navigate them directly to the page they want without numerous unnecessary page loading times.

  • Show search results as typing on the search box
  • Set the minimum of characters and the delay time to render a suggestion
  • Customize the size, position, and layout of the suggestion box
  • Choose product quantity and types of information to display

Boost up your navigation to create a better experience on your website for your customers with Magento 2 Ajax Search Extension

Set up the workflow of the searching engine easily

  • Admins can set the number of results that will be displayed on the suggestion box (drop-down style).
  • In the Magento back-end, admins can set the minimum characters which are required to show the result.
  • The suggestion box needs an amount of time to display and admins can also set that time in the back-end.

Customize the layout of the suggestion box

    In order to ensure the best visual on the front-end of the store, merchants are able to:

  • Choose the layout style: Vertical or Horizontal.
  • Set the width and position of the drop-down list by choosing among 3 options: 150% left, 250% left and Center.
  • Set various colors for the background and the text inside the box.

Adjust the product settings on suggestion results

    Ajax Search for Magento 2 allows merchants to improve the customer shopping experience by providing useful information to them in the most convenient way.

  • Merchants can choose which kind of product details that will appear on the search results including price, product image, and product description.
  • Ajax Search for Magento 2 also allows you to display products in various orders: Most Viewed, Name, and Price.

Optimize the header and footer for promotions

  • Header and footer of the suggestion box can be utilized as a fast and effective way of communication. Admins can place a notice of current discount programs supporting your marketing plans.
  • Admins can change the color of the header and footer to impress customers.

The feature list of Ajax Search for Magento 2

    For Admins:

  • Set the number of characters required to render a suggestion
  • Set a delay time before rendering suggestions
  • Set the layout of the drop-down list with two options: vertical or horizontal
  • Set the position and width of the suggestion box
  • Add and set the color of the header, footer, and title
  • Manage the number of displayable products
  • Display product price, image or description upon suggestion
  • For Customers:

  • Search for products and pages based on product titles and suggestions
  • Quickly access to products, pages from the suggestions in the drop-down list

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