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Magento 2 Ajax Search

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Ajax Search for Magento 2 is a powerful tool to improve customers’ experience. Visitors can find suitable information just under a second. For retailers, customizing the perfect searching bar has never been so easy!

  • Auto-complete search suggestion
  • Freely customize every detail of the searching box
  • Navigate customers directly to the chosen products
  • Instant search
  • Set up the workflow of searching tools to follow customers’ journey
  • NEW Introduce Voice Search feature - Simplify searching process!
What you need What you need

Some retailers may underestimate the power of helpful searching steps. In fact, customers will only buy something if they can find particular products on your page. Default searching tool of Magento can lead visitors to the right place, yet it doesn’t support further functions such as showing fundamental information (price, product photos, short description) or personal design search box. These features can be your winning points to increase the conversion rate and traffic to your website. They also contribute to your seamless customer service as people can quickly get what they want.

How we handle it How we handle it

Magento 2 Ajax Search helps you create your unique searching tools with advanced functions and attractive designs! You can effortlessly reduce searching time while providing more products’ details to your potential customers. The results are well-organized to bring a flawless experience for the searchers. Thanks to its simple configuration, you can upgrade your store performance from the tiniest detail!

Simplify customers’ journey with quick searching process!

Find information easily

NEW Voice Search

    The new update lets customers use voice command to search for their wanted item. With a smart algorithm, our extension will convert the voice into texts and visitors can see the results right after they finish speaking!

Auto completion

    Magento 2 Ajax Search provides suitable suggestion based on customers’ keywords. Visitors don’t need to go forth and back to search with other relating keywords: Simply click the links on the suggestion box to redirect to the wanted page!

Reduce searching time

    Ajax search box allows customers to see search results as they type, which reduce time waiting for the page to refresh. They can easily set the time for the suggestions to display on the frontend. By decreasing the searching time, merchants can provide a more satisfying shopping experience.

Decide the numbers of quantity and which types to show

    It’s important to provide useful information to potential buyers in the most convenient way. Ajax Search for Magento 2 also allows you to display products in various orders: Most Viewed, Name, and Price. Merchants can choose which kind of product details that will appear on the search results including price, product image, and product description. Admins can set the number of results that will be displayed on the suggestion box (drop-down style).

Customize the effective searching tool!

Freely customize your search box

    In order to ensure the best visual on the front-end of the store, merchants are able to:

  • Choose the layout style: Vertical or Horizontal.
  • Set the width and position of the drop-down list by choosing among 3 options: 150% left, 250% left and Center.
  • Set various colors for the background and the text inside the box.

Optimize the header and footer for promotions

    Header and footer of the suggestion box can be utilized as a fast and effective way of communication. Admins can change the content and color of the header and footer to impress customers. Retailers can place a notice of current discount programs supporting your marketing plans.

More useful features

  • Magento 2 Ajax Search Extension

    Easy setup and configuration

    Magenest make it simple for retailers to configure their own extension and transform searching box quickly!

  • Magento 2 Ajax Search Extension

    Support all of your SKUs

    The extension support searching for thousands of SKUs! Stop worrying that your products won’t appear on the search results.

  • Magento 2 Ajax Search Extension

    Keyword limitation

    Admin can set the minimum character required to make the results appear on the search box. This will reduce misunderstanding since the extension has got a hint.

  • Magento 2 Ajax Search Extension

    Support languages

    We support many languages so your search results are compatible with different groups of customers, which expand your influence and strengthen the services.

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