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Magento 2 Barclaycard ePDQ Payment Gateway

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Magento 2 Barclaycard ePDQ Payment Gateway

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This Magento 2 extension integrates your store with Barclays ePDQ payment gateway, one of the best payment solutions globally. It provides a simple, secure, and reliable transactions for your online stores.

  • Create a luxurious brand image
  • Process payments through Direct Link (Comply with SCA - Under PSD2)
  • Support 3D Secure for better security
  • Support backend payment (MOTO)
  • CVC Verification
  • Access to 50 markets worldwide
  • Attract high-end customers to your store
  • Design the payment page to match your brand

NOTE: Our demo is for feature testing only, the Magento Demo edition is not relevant to the Magento Extension edition. Please check on the product pages or with our support team for the correct Magento edition of our extensions.

Have your payment securely processed with Magento 2 Barclaycard ePDQ Payment Gateway

Equip your Magento 2 stores with the most famous payment gateway in the UK

Hosted Payment Page

Under this method, customers will be redirected to the website of Barclaycard to complete their payment details

  • All card info is stored on the payment gateway’s server for processing
  • Merchants do not store any payment detail on their part, making payment more secure
  • Merchants using this payment method will be eligible to validate their PCI compliance with a SAQ A form.
  • Optimize the orders grid to make it working fast even with the large number of orders

Direct API Integration with Barclaycard DirectLink

With the DirectLink integration method, the payment form on customer’s browser will customer payment details them back to merchant’s server

  • Merchant’s server will encrypt this info and send them to Barclaycard for further processing
  • Allow merchants to handle more customers since data is stored and processed on their server
  • Merchants will have to bear a wider security scope
  • Merchants using this method will have to validate their compliance using SAQ D form

Prevent thefts and fraud payments with 3D Secure

Barclays 3D Secure adds another security layer for your card transactions

  • 3D Secure asks for additional info from customers
  • Reduce chance of accepting payment from stolen cards
  • Meet requirements of banks that implement 3D Secure

CVC Verification

  • Check the final digits of a payment card (CVC/CVV)
  • Compare customer's address with data from card companies
  • Reject payment made by cards when info does not match

Support backend payment (MOTO) for Barclaycard

  • Allow to make payment from admin panel
  • Submit invoices from Magento 2 backend
  • Customers can make a purchase via email or phone calls
  • Provide flexible payment making for both merchants and customers

Build a prestigious brand image

With its establishment in the payment industry, Barclaycard is one of the most prestigious brands for payment card in the UK. Therefore, by associating your store with Barclaycard brand, you will build a much more prestigious brand image in the mind of customers

  • When shoppers see the Barclaycard logo on your store, they will be impressed at your brand and gain more confidence in your products
  • Since customers have put more trust in your store, they will be more likely to buy from it, especially in an e-commerce environment where customers are more susceptible to and are skeptical of everything
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