CE 2.2.x, EE 2.2.x
Version 1.0.0

Magento 2 PSiGate Payment

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Magento 2 PSiGate Payment

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Keep money flowing in with Magento 2 PsiGate subscription

  • Increase return sales with subscription manager
  • Prevent fraud with smart payment filter
  • Protect customer info with secure technologies
  • Important Announcement: We stopped releasing new versions for PSiGate Payment and there is no support for this extension.

Process your payment securely with Magento 2 PsiGate

PSiGate's Hosted Payment Site

Magenest PSiGate Payment extension for Magento 2 uses the hosted payment gateway integration method. Under this method customers will be redirected to PSiGate’s server to fill out their card detail. Payment info will then be sent to banks for further processing. Since no card detail is stored on merchant’s server, merchants will little scope for PCI DSS Compliance. Merchants using PSiGate Hosted Payment gateway will be eligible to validate their PCI Compliance with SAQ A form.

PCI DSS Compliance Level 1

PSiGate is in full compliance with the highest level of security set by the payment card industry (also known as PCI DSS). PSiGate has level 1 PCI-DSS validation type, which helps to prevent customer info from being intercepted while they are making transactions.

Preauthorization to check for sufficient fund

PSiGate will check for customers bank account for payment ability. However the money is still kept in the bank account of customers until merchants make a transfer request or until a cut-off date.

Capture Payment

After customer payment has been authorized, payment can be captured manually in Magento 2 back-end, saving them the time and effort travelling to the payment page.

Authorize and capture

PSiGate will check customer’s bank account for sufficient balance. If there is enough money,it will be immediately transferred from customers’s bank account to merchant account.

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