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Magento 2 Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway

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Magento 2 Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway

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Integrate your store with Alipay Cross-Border payment gateway.

With Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway from Magenest, you can:

  • Support multi stores and multi currencies
  • Support up to 16 currencies to collect payment
  • Attract high-end customers to your store
  • Important Announcement: We stopped releasing new versions for Alipay Payment Gateway and there is no support for this payment extension.

Safely process your payment with Magento 2 Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway

Alipay's Hosted Page

    Using Alipay customers will be able to check out with a hosted payment page. They will be redirected to a payment page hosted by Alipay. This ensures customer payment details to be protected more securely, since all cards are processed and store on Alipay’s server. Using a hosted payment page minimize the PCI Compliance level that merchants have to bear. Store managers will be able to apply for PCI DSS compliance using SAQ-A form.

Faster and more convenient checkout with QR code

Customers can check out without logging in to their account using QR code. This saves customers a lot of time trying to remember their credentials and typing their info into the form. QR code checkout also boost usage by young customers who use smart phones a lot.

Authorize and capture

Payment made by customers will be authorized by Alipay to ensure there is sufficient fund on customer’s bank account. After successful authorization, the fund will be captured immediately so merchants will not have to capture the money manually.

Direct Refund

Merchants can easily refund to customers from Magento 2 back-end, ensuring customers will get money back in time so they do not get angry.

Full list of features for Alipay Magento 2 Integration that help you accept payment easily

  • Secure hosted payment page
  • Check out with QR code
  • Authorize and Capture
  • Direct Refund
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