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Magento 2 HiPay Wallet Payment Gateway

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Magento 2 HiPay Wallet Payment Gateway

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With HiPay Wallet Payment Gateway developed by Magenest, you will be able to process payments with ease and convenience

  • Authorization and Capture
  • Direct and Partial Refund
  • 3D Secure
  • Country restriction
  • Important Announcement: We stopped releasing new versions for this Payment Gateway integration and there is no support for HiPay Wallet Payment Gateway extension.

Enjoy a seamless payment process and advanced security with Magento 2 Hipay Wallet Payment

Protect customer payment info with Hipay hosted checkout form

Hipay Wallet by Magenest Store allows customers to check out using the hosted payment gateway method. Under this card collection method, customers will be redirected to Hipay’s website to enter their card detail and make payment. This method ensures customer card data is stored and processed on Hipay’s server.

Prevent thefts and fraud payments with 3D Secure

With 3D Secure, Hipay will add an additional security layer to protect buyers. Shoppers will be asked to fill in additional information to check out. This acts as a safe lock for your customers in case they lose their cards to hackers and thefts.

Authorize only

Also known as pre-authorization, this features from Hipay Wallet Payment allows merchants to check for customer’s bank account fund. The bank will take an amount of money equal to customer’s order value and keep it on hold to ensure payment is. Money is still kept on customer’s account until a cut-off date or until merchants capture the payment

Capturing payment

When an order has been authorized, merchants can go directly to their Magento 2 store backend to capture payment. Direct Capturing save merchants from having to go to Hipay’s website to capture an order helping to get sales faster. This feature is useful when merchants use Authorize only to check customer’s payment ability.

Void authorization

If an order has been authorized but the order has some problems, merchants might not want to accept the payment. Hipay Wallet integration module can help merchants to cancel the order from Magento back-end so the order will be released. Once a payment has been authorized, merchants still have the option to stop capturing the payment. By cancelling an authorized order, money will be released and no longer be kept on hold.

Authorize and capture

This features also allows merchants to keep an amount from customers account to check for payment. However, it also automatically capture the payment after authorization, so merchants will save their time going to Magento 2 back-end to capture they payment by hand.

Direct Refund

To keep customer from total disappointment, Magento 2 merchants merchant using Hipay Wallet can quickly offer refund for their customers by going to their store backend. This reduces the time it takes for customers to get their money back, helping merhcants to save their reputation.

Partial refund

Merchants can offer partial refunds for orders that contain multiple items. This helps merchant to save money compared to a full refund where everything will have to be returned.

Set which country to enable payment method

Merchants can choose which country will be allowed to make payment on their stores. This helps merchants to block customers that they are not ready to serve or customers from countries with bad payment history

Full list of features for Hipay Wallet Payment Integration that help you accept payment easily

  • Hosted Payment Page
  • 3D Secure
  • Authorize only
  • Authorize and capture
  • Enable CVC verification
  • Allowed country
  • Direct Refund
  • Partial refund
  • Capturing Payment
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