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Magento 2 Facebook Chatbot

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With Magento 2 Facebook Chatbot, merchants can create a chatbot within Facebook Messenger to engage customers through fast automated responses. This extension is a useful tool to help cutting down support time effectively and to promote marketing campaigns with smart notifications right in the most popular messaging app.

  • Receive and respond to customer queries directly through Facebook Messenger
  • Create unlimited messages to automatically answer customer questions
  • NEWSupport multiple message types: Product Display, Category Display, Text, Text and Image
  • NEWAdd View Orders & View Wishlist button to persistent menu
  • NEWUpdate new backend interface to help you easily add & manage messages
  • Show follow up messages based on keywords set by the admin
  • Add CTA buttons for each message: Show next message, URL, Phone Number, Take Action
  • Allow customers to request human support
  • Send email notifications whenever there is a human support request
  • Create Persistent Menu for important actions
  • Customers can directly add products to cart from Messenger
What you need What you need

There are so many customer queries in the queue but you cannot handle them in time due to lack of support resources. This makes your customers so dissatisfied and as a result, they will find alternative solutions quickly. You need a Magento 2 extension that can speed up the support process and communicate with customers better.

How we handle it How we handle it

Facebook Chatbot for Magento 2 allows merchants to create a smart and automated communication system to reply to frequently asked questions from customers. Your support team now only needs to focus on solving complicated cases.

Let your business thrive with Magento 2 Facebook Chatbot

Don’t make your customers have to wait - Build strong customer relationship with Facebook Chatbot for Magento 2

Automatically reply to customers via Facebook Messenger

    Connecting the Magento 2 website to Facebook Messenger just requires a few clicks. Now you can create unlimited conversation scenarios for FAQs, promotion campaigns, store policy, etc. This will free the support team from repeating boring answers for the same customer questions day by day.

Flexible support modes to satisfy your customers

    The supreme advantage of a chatbot is fast reply speed. However, when the conversions go beyond pre-designed scenarios that the chatbot does not know how to reply, customers can ask for human support immediately. The request will be automatically sent via the contact email set in the backend. A shortcut link is included that the supporter just needs to click to come back to on-hold dialogues.

Set up greeting message and persistent menu

    The admin can create the greeting message that customers will see when they open Messenger chat for the first time. Make sure your words are nice to engage customers to start talking with you! Facebook Chatbot for Magento 2 allows store owners to build a Persistent Menu that contains frequently used actions by customers. Request Human Support is the only default tab in this menu.

Smart messages to drive your sales naturally

Create unlimited messages and set up flow easily

    The admin can choose from 5 message types:

  • Product: Display product details
  • Categories: Display category details by level
  • Text: Display message as text
  • Button and Text: Buttons are added to text messages under the form of selection options
  • Quick Reply: Similar to Button and Text. The only difference is that the buttons will disappear when the user chooses one option
  • To connect individual messages with each other, you can use 4 types of buttons:

  • Message: Another message will appear after the button is selected
  • URL: Customers will be redirected to a new page
  • Telephone: This button allows you to add your store hotline. Customers can click to call immediately in some urgent situations
  • Action: Some options are View Product Details, Add to Cart, Modify Cart & Checkout

Guide your customers place orders in the Messenger chatbox

    The extension can show products and categories information upon customer requests including product image, product name, price & rating so that the buying journey can start right inside the Messenger chatbox. Only simple and configurable products are supported. Customers can select various options of the product (size, color, etc.) before adding it to the shopping cart.

More useful features


    Make the chatbot more human-like by setting the delay time for responding to customer questions


    This email will receive a notification when the user submits a request for human support


    The admin can decide whether customers can request for human support or not


    Products in a category are shown in an interactive slider, making product discovery process easy

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