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Magento 2 Popup Free

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Encourage more activities from customers with Magento 2 Popup Free Extension. Your creativity can freely design unique and rich popups. Thanks to our amazing templates, increase your conversion rate is super easy!

  • PLUS New templates with useful updates
  • PLUS Exit-intent popup trigger
  • PLUS Track popup performance and data log
  • Multiple trigger rules
  • 5 attractive popup types
  • Display popup on any page
  • Assign unique rules for each popup
  • Custom cookie lifetime for popups

Easily create and track the performance of popups for your Magento 2 store

Select your popup type

With 5 ready-to-use popup types, merchants can use whatever kind of content they want on the popups with Popup for Magento 2 Extension.

  • Yes/No form
  • Subscription form
  • Contact form
  • Social sharing
  • Static content

Our extension comes pre-installed with some commonly-used rules to help you get started.

Choose how customers' interaction triggers your popups

    Our Popup Plus for Magento 2 comes with behaviour-based rules to trigger popups to be displayed.

  • When an user has spent X seconds on a page
  • After an user has scrolled X% of a page
  • After an user has viewed X pages on your site
  • PLUS Exit-intent: After an user move their cursor out of the browser window

Design and style your popups

    To help merchants quickly create and use popups, we included with 25+ default popup templates with the initial version.

  • PLUS New templates are constantly updated with future releases
  • Choose any template when creating a popup
  • Edit templates with an included WYSIWYG editor
  • Use CSS to style the popup

PLUS Track how your popups perform in Magento 2 back-end

    In Magento 2 backend, merchants can see how much interactions their popups get, with numbers for: views, clicks, and CTR. For contact forms and supscription forms, store owners can see the accumulated data and export it.

Full list of features for Magento 2 Popup Plus

  • Create/Edit multiple popups
  • 25+ default popup templates
  • PLUS New templates with each update
  • Yes/No verification form popup
  • Subscription form popup
  • Contact form popup
  • PLUS Exit-intent
  • Edit popup templates with a WYSIWYG editor
  • Use CSS to style popups
  • Popup performance report in Magento 2 backend

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