Reward Points

Create an effective loyalty program by rewarding your customers with points for their purchases and letting them to redeem their reward points

  • Create custom point earning rules
  • Points can be assigned automatically with rules or manually by admins
  • Reward points can be displayed alongside product prices
  • PLUS Membership add-on
CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
Version 1.0.11



The road to gain loyal customers - Boost users' actions on-site to by letting them feel that buying is beneficial

Create an advanced loyalty suite to retain customers

    Drive sales by encouraging customers to keep spending their money on your products by instilling a sense of extra benefits.

  • Reward customers for every purchases they make
  • Reward customers for signing up for a new account or subscribing to newsletters
  • Give out points on special dates and occasions like holidays or a customer's birthday
  • Give points to customers when they review a product
  • Set any CMS page as the landing page for your reward point program, this extension comes equipped with a landing page template by default

Reward customers for other interactions on your store

  • Handpick products to apply reward points
  • Control when your customers receive points after they buy your products and services based on order status in Magento - pending, processing, complete, closed, and/or on hold
  • Choose to show or hide the number of points customers earn for buying products on your catalog pages and product pages

Set earning rules to decide how customers will earn points on your store

  • Set rewards points in simple mode - Set how many points customers earn for each unit of currency spent
  • Set rewards points in stepping mode - Set how many points customers will earn for X units of currency spent
  • Set rewards points for behaviors - Choose how many points customers will earn for performing an action
  • Set the starting and the ending date for the rules to stay effective
  • Enable or disable rules at any time

Let customers to spend their points on their purchases

    In Magento 2 backend, merchants can set up a conversion rate for the reward points to be used directly on orders. At the checkout page, customers and choose the number of points they want to spend on their order to receive a discount accordingly.

  • Customize the rule for each product
  • Turn on/off the function within one click

Manage point transactions and control fraudulent behaviors

    As admins, merchants can easily manage point allocation in Magento 2 backend:

  • Add/deduct reward points
  • Enable Risk Management to prevent cheaters from earning points from hacking or fraudulent behaviors
  • Turn on/off the function anytime

PLUS Membership Add-on

    By purchasing the Membership Add-on, you can take your loyalty program to the next level. Set up customer tiers and benefits accordingly. Customer segmentation also provides you with the information of your business performance.

Full list of features for Magento 2 Reward Points Registry

  • Create earning rules for behaviors on Magento 2 store
  • Create earning rules for customers when buying products on stores
  • Showing/Hiding rewards points for each products sold on store
  • Create conversion rule for turning points into money
  • Manage customer's point exchange history
  • Prevent fraud with risk management function

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