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Magento 2 Super Easy SEO

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Magento 2 Super Easy SEO

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Improve search optimization and performance in online visibility

  • Meta tag for multiple pages
  • Content analysis toolkit
  • SEO data live preview
  • Many other unique SEO features

    Manage SEO for 10,000s of products with Magento 2 Super Easy SEO

    Create product SEO template for products

    Store managers can create SEO product templates for produdct pages and category pages. This will automatically generate metadata based on rules set by store managers.

    Create category SEO template

    Allow store managers to create SEO template for category pages. The metadata currently supported includes product.

    Auto creates image alt tag

    To make it easy for search engines to find your products, you can add image alt tags which contain long-tail keywords. This increases your chance of getting found on the web and increases ranking for your product. Super Easy SEO will auto create alt tag to your images when you add them to your products.

    Robot meta tag

    Admins can easily edit robot meta tag for different pages in the site to permit search engines to list the page on search engine result pages (SERP). Thanks to this, admins can hide pages that they do not want to show on SERPs, such as a thank you page with a free download link

    Sitemap generation & submission

    Admins can create a structural map of the website, show it to visitors and submit them to search engines.

    Cross linking

    To control your user behavior on-site, you can utilize internal and external gate.

    Redirect management

    There are times when your products are out of stock or not available anymore. In these cases, you would want to redirect your product pages to other parts of your store to improve conversion rate. Customers might also type a wrong URL to your website, so you might use the redirect management function to redirect from the wrong address back to your store, thereby increasing traffic.

    Image optimizer

    Images affect your loading time significantly, which influences both user experience and Google SEO score. With Super Easy SEO, you can scan for images and compress them to make them smaller while still retaining their quality. Our Image Optimizer supports three image formats – png, jpg and gif.

    Content analysis

    Allow content writers and managers to check SEO the quality of their product and page content. Just set a focus keyword and the extension will provide you with an evaluation of your content to see which SEO criteria it passed or failed. For example, you can check keyword density, title keyword, meta description keyword, and more.

    SEO data live preview

    The extension will create a pop-up window to show you the general metadata for each product. This allows store managers to quickly check any product for SEO issues.

    Preview product & category metadata

    Admins can preview metadata, including SEO URL key, meta title, meta keywords and meta description for each product. They can also evaluate the quality of teach meta data type with Super Easy SEO. Admins can see the length of each meta data, and see if it meets the standards required by Google.

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