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Magento 2 Magento 2 Connection with Xero by Magenest

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Magento 2 Magento 2 Connection with Xero by Magenest

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With Magento 2 Connection with Xero by Magenest, you can sync all the Magento data to your Xero Account. Every data from customers to transactions will be updated to Xero helping managers have seamless financial accounting.

  • Sync products, customers, credit memos, and orders from Magento 2 to Xero
  • Sync orders, invoices from Magento into Xero invoices
  • EXCLUSIVE Multiple website setup support
  • EXCLUSIVE Payment and Tax mapping
  • EXCLUSIVE Add data to syncing queue
  • Select synchronization options: Automatically or between intervals
  • Set time for automated data synchronization
  • Sync two ways between Magento and Xero (contact us to get more information)
  • Display filtered syncing report
  • Export data into file CSV/ XML
  • Display syncing status for every item

NOTE: Your current data in Xero might need to be remapped before syncing with our extension to avoid conflicts. Please contact us if you want to map existing data in Magento 2 and Xero.

Effortlessly sync your data flow between your Magento 2 store and Xero

Invoice tracking in real-time

Track your online invoice from Magento 2 and easily run reports in Xero with ease.

Auto syncs data from Magento 2 to Xero

Sync data from Magento 2 to Xero

Export Magento products, customers data, orders, and invoices to Xero.

Easy setup and configuration

You only have to set up the extension once for the automation to take charge.

One-time setup for the automatic synchronization process

Real-time automatic synchronization

    Your orders, invoices, customer information, and product database are automatically and immediately synchronized from Magento 2 to your accounts in Xero as changes occur. Your data will always be ahead.

Hassle-free one-time setup

    Set up your Connection with Xero in Magento 2 easily, all you need is an existing Xero account. With your account, you can easily get your API key and input it in Magento 2 back end.

  • You only need to set up once for everything to work automatically
  • Data mapping is simple, all you need to do is setting the fields you want to sync from and to

Sync mass data easily from Magento 2 to Xero

Automatically synchronize mass data from Magento 2 to Xero

    By keeping the database accurate at all times, merchants won't lose track of their customer base growth or suffer from inaccurate sales performance. With Connection with Xero, you can select all or chosen items and add them to the queue.

  • Mass synchronization from Magento 2 to Xero
  • Easily select/exclude products for synchronization

EXCLUSIVE Advanced payment and tax mapping from Magento 2 and Xero

    Taxation has long made accounting and invoicing process complicated. With tax code and payment mapping from Magento 2 to Xero, we can ensure tax calculation will be accurate.

  • Sync tax codes from Magento 2 to Xero Invoices
  • Tax codes are in compliance with Xero standards
  • Support 9 payment methods: Paypal, Braintree, Bank transfer, Cash on Delivery, Paypal Billing Agreement, Direct Post, Braintree Paypal, purchase orders*, and no payment methods.
  • *Available with customization

Set synchronization intervals to suit your business and server capability

  • Enable or disable syncing for products, customers, orders, invoices, and credit memos
  • Choose automatic syncing for real-time transferring data between two platforms
  • Sync between intervals (Cron job) to reduce workload for your server while still maintain updated data
  • Sync individual modules to keep control of your data
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One-time payment
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What do users say about Connection with Xero for Magento 2?

  • This is the first time that I use Connection with Xero extension and I am so satisfied that the module is friendly and intuitive. Your support is amazing when you guys patiently explain everything for me and respond all the questions quickly.
    HiCar, Car Accessory Retailer - Vietnam
  • It would also be helpful that the description wasn’t copied from Magento to Xero as this takes up too many lines in an invoice. Other than that, it seems to work well and it responsive in updating stock quickly.
    Dusty Road Apparel, Baby Clothing Provider - Australia