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Odoo Integration

This extension allows synchronizing and transmitting data from Magento 2 sites to Odoo system 

  • Allow to sync product, order, customer, invoice, sale order from Magento to Odoo
  • Easily tracking performance with syncing reports
CE 2.2.x, EE 2.2.x
Version 2.0.0



Building a holistic ERP and retailing system with Magento 2 Odoo Connector

Sync customer info from Magento 2 to Odoo

  • Sync customer data from Magento to various Odoo objects, including Odoo Lead and Contact
  • Sync customer data to Odoo when customer registers a new account on Magento 2
  • Updates contact and lead info in Odoo ERP when customer info is updated in Magento 2
  • Default customer fields in Odoo include address, website, contact details (phone, mobile, fax, email,etc)

Sync product info from Magento 2 to Odoo ERP

  • Sync product info including product name, price, cost, details and stock quantity
  • You can sync product data whenever store managers create a new product in Magento 2
  • Sync product info to Odoo customer edit their address in Magento 2
  • Synchronize when customers place an order or when admin creates an order in Magento 2

Sync order info from Magento 2 to Odoo ERP

  • Automatically sync new orders from to Odoo when customers make new purchases or when store managers create new orders from Magento 2 backend
  • Sync from orders in Magento 2 to different objects in Odoo, including lead, subscriber, opportunity, contact, account
  • State of Sales order would also be synced to Odoo on synchronization

Sync invoice data from Magento 2 to Odoo ERP

  • Sync invoice data in Magento 2 to Odoo Invoice when customers payment is processed successfully
  • Invoice info includes default fields such as Customer, Address, Invoice Data, Salesperson, Product Detail, Total Invoice Amount

Easily connect Magento 2 to Odoo

  • Resiger an account for Odoo ERP
  • Get Odoo credentials to use for integration
  • Insert these credentials to Magento 2 Odoo Connector
  • Click "Connect" and get ready for syncing

Automatic syncing for ease of management

  • All transactions and events are automatically synced
  • Merchants can free their hands doing more important things

View syncing history

  • Merchants can save syncing history for review
  • Easily check which data synced successfully and which failed to sync
  • See daily syncing reports from Magento
  • Track the number of successes and failures

Full list of features for Magento 2 Odoo Connector that helps you easily sync and manage data in Odoo

  • Automatically sync data from Magento 2 to Odoo
  • Sync data to product Object in Odoo
  • Sync data to Customer object in Odoo
  • Sync data to Order Object in Odoo
  • Sync data to Invoice Object in Odoo
  • Sync data to Sales Order State in Odoo
  • Easily track performance with syncing reports

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Odoo Integration
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