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Magento 2 Image Gallery

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Magento 2 Image Gallery

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Customizing your images display with ease.

  • Customizing configurations of images
  • Managing images and galleries
  • Smart display of images and galleries

Customizing your images’s display with ease

Features for admin:

  • Admin can add or manage images into various galleries.
  • They is able to switch the status of the images between enable and disable.
  • They can not only add and delete pictures but also insert the image information and filters, save and upload them.
  • They can create galleries just with some simple movements. They can name the galleries, set theirs status and choose the thumbnail pictures for them.

Features for customers:

  • Customers can easily see the pictures of the products that they want to buy.
  • All the pictures are displayed clearly and in the center of the website.
  • They not only see one picture but also the whole product gallery; thereby, customers have different choices to choose from while just staying in one page.
  • Customers can see all the product’s information that was provided by the admin.

The list of features of Image Gallery User Extension for Magento 2

  • Admin can add and manage images into various galleries
  • Admin can add new images, delete, change status, and use filters, etc
  • Admin can mange galleries and images
  • Admin can customize the gallery settings
  • User can easily see the products’s images and galleries
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