CE EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
Version 2.4.0

Magento 2 Payeezy Payment

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Magento 2 Payeezy Payment

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Payeezy Payment Gateway extension by Magenest is the great tool that provides seamless payment experience between your Magento 2 store and the Payeezy Payment Gateway.

  • Smart subscription manager
  • Card info encryption
  • 3D Secure checkout
  • Authorization and Capture feature

Enjoy a seamless payment process and advanced security with Magento 2 Payeezy Payment

Our Magento 2 Payeezy Payment extension offers both connection to Payeezy Payment Gateway and Subscription features

Smart Subscription Managing feature for your website

  • Merchants are capable of making subscription plans for products.
  • Subscription price, some payment cycles and intervals between each billing cycle can also be created.
  • A trial plan can be created by merchants for customers to try.
  • NEW Optimize the orders grid to make it working fast even with the large number of orders

Protect merchants better with 3D Secure Checkout

  • Merchants can prevent the payment fraud and chargeback from hackers.
  • Limit customers using fake cards or invalid cards to make transactions.
  • 3D Secure asks for an additional information to confirm the ownership of card.
  • Prevent hackers from making illegal payments.
  • Meet requirements of some bank using 3D Secure.
  • Hackers aren’t able to use stolen cards for shopping.

CVC/CVV Verification for Ensuring Security

  • Require customers to verify final digits (CVV/CVC).
  • Check the AVS then the address will be compared with the available information from bank system.
  • Cards failing to verify will be rejected to make transactions.
  • Strengthen security and reject transaction from hackers.
  • Merchants don’t need to depend on banks.

Authorization Only for Checking the Balance of the Customers’ Cards

  • Allow merchants to check the balance of customers’ cards to make sure that the card holders are able to pay.
  • An amount of money which equals to order value will be kept to verify the payment ability
  • That amount of money will be kept for a certain amount of time before pre-authorization ends.
  • Merchants can detect unbalanced cards without and reject to make a transaction.
  • Preventing fraud payments to reduce refunds and decrease chargebacks.

Authorization and Capture for Quick Payment

  • It has the same working way as Authorization only
  • Automatically check the balance of customers’ cards.
  • Money from customers’ card will be transferred immediately into merchants’ bank account.
  • The automatic capturing process helps merchants not to log into the backend of Magento 2 store to ask for payment.
  • Merchants don’t need to ask for payment in Magento 2 backend because of the automatic capturing process.
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