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Product Labels

With Product Labels from Magenest, merchants can:

  • Highlight "on sale" products or products with special price
  • Add labels for new products or exclusive products
  • Emphasize other important product information like "100% natural", "environment-friendly"
CE 2.2.x, EE 2.2.x
Version 1.0.0



The easiest way to make your products stand out to your customers

We live by in a world full of labels. Labels make things official, give them authority and trust. A professor or a veteran soldier with a badge of honor on his chest will get treated more favorably. People admire them, get attracted by them and surround them just to talk for a little bit. But it's not just that the badges show their achievement. These badges also tell us that they are "different". Merchants should do the same for their products. Give these products a badge so customers will see something special about them. Magenest Product Label for Magento 2 allows you to create label for any product to make them special

Boost sales with discount label for products

  • Create "Sales" label for Magento 2 category - Labels will appear on product images on category pages
  • Create "Sales" label for Magento 2 product - Labels will appear on product images on product pages
  • Choose to display or hide the label in the Magento 2 storefront
  • Choose between 9 positions to display the label on product image
  • Upload an image that notify customers of the sales off event
  • Set special pricing for products in the catalog to activate the sales off label
  • Set the period of discount for the product. This will be the period that the label will show on the product

Add freshness and excitement to the store with new product labels for Magento 2

  • Create "New" label for products in Magento 2 categories - Labels will be shown on category pages for product images
  • Create "New" label for products in Magento 2 product pages - Labels will be display on product pages for over product images
  • Set a product as New in the product setting. This will activate the "New" label for the product and display over the product image
  • Choose a period of time to set the product as new - This will be the period for the "New" label to display on the product image

Add custom images to show the uniqueness of your products

  • Merchants can create completely new product label rules from scratch
  • Set a name for the rule for easy distinction
  • Add a description for the rule
  • Choose which store view to display the label
  • Choose to show the custom product label to a certain customer groups
  • Set a time range for the custom label to display over product images
  • Set a priority for the custom label rule. When there are multiple labels with higher priority will display while rules with lower priority will not display
  • Create a product filter condition so only products meeting the predefined requirements will have the label displayed
  • Merchants can choose products from a certain category, attribute, etc
  • Choose an image to represent the label for your products
  • Add text to your product label

Full list of features for Magento 2 Product Label

  • Create product labels for new product and products on sale
  • Create custom product labels rule
  • Assign custom product labels to any product merchants want
  • Add images to represent labels for the product
  • Display the product label on different positions over the product image
  • Set a time frame for the product label to display
  • Display or hide the product label with ease

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