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Product Labels

Highlight "on sale" products, products with special price, new products. You can also emphasize other important product information like "100% natural", "environment-friendly" and so on on Magento 2.



As an entrepreneur, you want to sell all of your products, but there are certain products needing to attract more attention for marketing purposes or promotion period that is when you need our Product Labels extension to present those eye-catching labels.

You want to highlight your new arrival items, you desire to sell more on certain products by offering discount price; or a particular holiday set need to be outstanding on the ground. With this extension you can easily place the tags such as "new arrivals" "best seller" or "50% off" on your products to get customer attention. You are able to decide which place to stick the labels so that it’s visually suitable with the product image and layout. This extension allows you to design your all tags based on a variety of available options. At the back end, you can set rule and conditions for your product labels such as the start and end date or the duration for the promotion applied.

Features - Product Labels extension

  • Create, edit and manage all labels in one spot.

magento 2 product label

  • Product page on sale label.

    magento 2 product label extension
  • Category page on sale label.

    product label magento 2 extension
  • Product page new label.

    magento 2 highlight product
  • Category page new label.

    magento 2 product label module

  • Create your own labels

    product label module
  • For each label, specify when show label.

    product label for magento 2
  • Design your new labels.

    product label magento 2


  • 100% Open source
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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Back-end Demo


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