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Product Labels

Sell smarter by highlighting products in an appealing way to encourage buying decisions from customers

  • Customize and place your labels with ease
  • Highlight for products that are: on sale, exclusive, bestsellers, etc.
  • Emphasize product attributes
CE 2.2.x, EE 2.2.x
Version 2.1.0
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The easiest way to make your products stand out to your customers

Boost sales by highlighting your products to attract customers' attention

With a label, you can highlight almost any attribute you want for your products. There's absolutely no limit to what you can think of.

  • Set a label for products that are on sale
  • Set a label for products that are must-have to drive sales
  • Set a label for low stock/limited quantity to create a sense of urgency
  • Set a label for products that are under a promotion campaign such as buy one - get one, etc.
  • Set a label for products that have special attributes such as: environment-friendly, recycleable, etc.

Customize and set your stickers easily

To help merchants get started easily, we incorporate pre-installed stickers and labels, but you can always add your custom ones. The extension supports using uploaded pre-designed image to use as stickers. You can also create basic stickers with text.

  • Set the position for the stickers with a preview
  • Create basic stickers easily with a live preview in Magento 2 backend

Set conditions and rules for the labels to apply to products more quickly

  • Choose which store view to display the label
  • Choose to show the custom product label to a certain customer groups
  • Set a time range for the custom label to display over product images
  • Set a priority for the custom label rule. When there are multiple labels with higher priority will display while rules with lower priority will not display
  • Create a product filter condition so only products meeting the predefined requirements will have the label displayed
  • Merchants can choose products from certain categories, attributes, etc.

Full list of features for Magento 2 Product Label

  • Create product labels for new product and products on sale
  • Create custom product labels rule
  • Assign custom product labels to any product merchants want
  • Add images to represent labels for the product
  • Display the product label on different positions over the product image
  • Set a time frame for the product label to display
  • Display or hide the product label with ease

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Product Labels
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