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Magento 2 Customer Attributes

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Magento 2 Customer Attributes

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Customer Attributes for Magento 2 allows merchants to collect customer data effortlessly by showing additional questions to different pages: Registration page, Account page, and Checkout page.

  • Create unlimited attributes
  • Choose to specific pages to display customer attributes
  • 9 input types for questions: Text Field, Text Area, Date, Multiple Select, Multiple Select with Images, Drowdown, Yes/No, Image File, Single Radio Image.
  • Set default value for each attribute.
  • Arrange the order of attributes to display on the frontend.
  • Manage customer attributes easily.

NOTE: Our demo is for feature testing only, the Magento Demo edition is not relevant to the Magento Extension edition. Please check on the product pages or with our support team for the correct Magento edition of our extensions.

Boost up the customer experience with our Magento 2 Customer Attributes

Make customer data more meaningful with additional info - Customer Attribute

Add additional attributes to customer info module

  • Add more information to customer
  • Choose from a variety of data field types - text field, text area, date, radio option, drop down, yes/no, image file
  • Choose different method of data validation

Manage customer attributes on back-end

  • Add customers attribute to column in customer grid
  • Add customer to filter option in customer grid
  • Add customer attribute to search options in customer grid

Display customer attribute on front-end

  • Activate attribute based on customer location
  • Show attribute on registration page
  • Show attribute on customer info edit page

Manage customer attribute

Merchants can see addtional info of customers from back-end and edit them with ease, even changing their password

Requires additional info on registration

Admin can set the number of minimum and maximum purchases for each individual deal at the Product editing page

See additional info in customer dashboard

Customers can also see all their additional information by logging in to their account dashboard.

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