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License Delivery

  • Easily create a license product by using the new product type developed by Magenest.
  • Allows to add unlimited pincode for a product by image, text or .CSV file.
  • Send pincodes for customer via email when order has been made.
  • Admins can manage with license products were sold for particular customer in the order view.
  • Customers can manage the purchased PIN in account dashboard.
CE 2.1.x, EE 2.1.x
Version 101.2.1

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Create a new license product in Magento 2 from scratch

  • Merchants can create a new product type in Magento 2 - license products
  • License products can contain license codes that are related to them

Turn an existing products into a license delivery product

  • Store managers can turn an existing product of different type into a license product
  • Converted license products will operate just like new license products created from zero
  • Support simple products, virtual products and downloadable product

Import license codes to individual license products

  • Support different file types for license codes
  • Upload individual license codes for a license product with individual text strings or images
  • Import multiple license code images to a product by uploading a .zip file
  • Convenient for customers will few license products

Import bulk license codes for multiple products at the same time

  • Allow importing bulk licsense codes for multiple products by CSV (Comma Separated Values) file
  • Link license products to their license
  • Sample CSV file provided in the license upload section
  • Free your hands from importing license by license when your store has tens of thousands of SKUs

Manage license codes for license products

  • Merchants can see a full list of all license codes along with their status - enabled, disabled, and delivered
  • Disabled codes will not be sent to customers when they buy license products
  • Enabled license codes will be sent to customers when customers buy a license product
  • Delivered codes are codes that have been sent to customers
  • Edit license code status individually or in bulk
  • Merchants can choose on which order status to send license codes to customers when they buy license products
  • Support 2 order status - pending or invoiced
  • Enable/Disable guest checkout for license products
  • See the delivery status for product license codes in Magento 2 back-end

Send email notification to keep customers updated

  • Send email containing license codes to customers after they have bought or paid successfully for the license product
  • Customize email templates and choose one to send to customers
  • Set a sender email's name

Customers are eageryl waiting for their license codes to make their products usable. By sending notification emails to them at the right time, you can keep impatient clients

Send user guide or game instruction to customers for each license product they buy

  • Merchants have a separate section to add product instructions and user guides
  • Easily assign these instruction to products in each product setting page
  • Merchants can easily design the instruction to their liking using HTML and CSS
  • Instructions can contain rich media, including formats, layout, images, videos and more

Digital products are not as easy to use as a normal physical product. Each physical product also comes with an accompanying instruction. With Magento 2 License Delivery, we help to simplify the product usage process with proper instruction. This improves customer experience after they have bought your license products. Instructions from our extensions can be designed in whatever way merchants want with HTML. So they can be made much more beautiful and user-friendly than monotonous lines of text in physical products.

Full list of features for Magento 2 License Delivery

  • Designed for game, software and digital products
  • Create new license products
  • Turn existing products into license products
  • Instant delivery to customer account
  • Send customizable email notification to customer
  • Manage bulk license codes with ease
  • Manage license code status
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License Delivery
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