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Multiple Vendors

Multiple Vendors extension for Magento 2 will transform your existing Magento 2 store to a fantastic marketplace. 



This Multiple Vendors extension for Magento 2 is for all the marketplace owners who want to build a huge platform to connect multiple vendors and customers. This is a great idea that will give vendors a large audience and that will give customers a huge number of product options to choose from.

The Multiple Vendors Extension for Magento 2 provide the capability to your store to run with multiple vendors. It means vendors can easily add, update or sell the products from a single store. The important feature of this extension is admin have all the rights to approve or reject the vendor request at any time. It is useful to customer also, because customer can easily buy the products from the multiple users at a time using single shopping cart.

Our Multiple Vendors Extension for Magento 2 also helps to convert existing Magento 2 store to a shopping mall with multi-vendor portal management. Special and attractive design for seller portal to manage the product catalog, orders, invoices, payments etc. Simplified Magento 2 interface for store owners to manage vendors, vendor products, orders, commissions and payouts.

Let transform your existing Magento 2 store to a fantastic marketplace comprising vendor stores and products to impress customers with Multiple Vendors Extension for Magento 2 now!.

Features- Multiple Vendors extension for Magento 2


  • Manage Vendors: Marketplace owners can manage all vendors form a single magento 2 backend. Ability to add, approve and disapprove vendor accounts in single click.

    multi vendor for magento 2

  • Manage Product: Manage products for vendors. Marketplace owners has a list of all the products added by vendors so admins can approve or disapprove newly added products by vendors.

    online marketplace extension for magento 2

  • Manage Commission: Manage commissions for vendor. Set Seller Commissions by fixed or percentage type.

    magento 2 multiple vendor

  • Manage Feedback: Marketplace owners view the feedback from customers, manage feedback reports and rating summary.

    magento 2 multiple vendor extension


  • Vendor Signup: If any customer want to become a vendor, initially sign up as a customer. Then fill the “become a vendor” form and will wait for the approval of the Admin to become a vendor.

magento 2 multi vendor

  • Marketplace Dashboard: Vendors get a personalized dashboard giving them a detailed overview of there store front. Vendors can view sales report, manage products and much more.

    multiple vendor extension

  • Vendor Profile: Vendors can write their profile includes: facebook ID, google ID, twitter ID, shop URL, Number Contact, background color, shop name, logo company, country, return policy , shipping policy, etc.

    multiple vendor magento 2 extension

  • Vendor can manage products: Add New Products -Under this menu vendor can add his product with many attributes as per the magento admin. Vendor can input product name, description, short description, price, stock, weight, multiple images etc. Products can be categorized by vendors under relevant categories and sub categories. My product list - using this menu vendors can manage their product like they can update/ delete their product.

    magento 2 marketplace extension

  • My Order History: Order details of the seller product will be displayed with Order Id, Product Details, Product Price, shipping address, payment method, shipping status etc.

    marketplace extension for magento 2


  • Any registered customer can become a vendor.

magento 2 multi vendor marketplace

  • Customers can post reviews on the products and also send the feedback about the services on the vendor profile

    magento 2 multi vendor marketplace extension


  • 100% Open source
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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