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Magento 2 Multiple Vendors

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Magento 2 Multiple Vendors

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Multiple Vendors for Magento 2 will transform your existing Magento 2 store to a fantastic marketplace.

  • Manage vendors and their orders, products easily
  • Set commission for each vendor
  • Allow vendors to send their questions to marketplace owner
  • Allow customers to buy products from different vendors at the same time
  • Vendor feedback and ratings

NOTE: Our demo is for feature testing only, the Magento Demo edition is not relevant to the Magento Extension edition. Please check on the product pages or with our support team for the correct Magento edition of our extensions.

Run a Marketplace right on your Magento 2 store with ease

Provide an easy-to-use back-end interface for merchants

Since various vendors might bring similar types of products to the marketplace, customers will now have more choices when they want to buy any type of products. Variety is the key if you want to attract customers to a marketplace. The more products there are in the marketplace, the more customers will come. And the opposite is true! So you will see more customers and more products in your marketplace in no time.

Set commission rate for individual vendors

Marketplace owner can set the of money they will take from vendors for each sale. Commission is a crucial factor in attracting and retaining vendors. Low commission is good for vendors but bad for the marketplace, while the opposite is bad for vendor but good for the marketplace. With this feature, marketplace owners will be able to set different commission levels for different vendors to ensure highest vendor satisfaction.

Manage vendors' products and orders easily

This feature will allow marketplace owner to monitor and manage the activities of vendor, especially their after sales process. Stores tend to focus on presales and closing sales and will abandon their customers one they have bought a product. With the management feature, any time a customer refunds, the marketplace owner will be notified. Thereby, they can review the product and service quality of the vendor and may remove the vendor for repeated bad behaviors. Thanks to this, customers will be better protected.

Vendors rating

This feature will help customers to make their purchase decision more easily thanks to the social proof gained from rating – Vendors that have a lot of high ratings will be trusted more by customers and will be able to sell more products and services. Also, this feature will encourage vendors to provide products and services of high quality to receive good ratings and reviews from customers. In the end, customers will benefit from good quality service and the marketplace will attract more buyers.

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