Free Shipping is one of the most powerful promotions applied by store owners. And MAGENTO 2 offers the Free Shipping promotion as a useful method for users to raise the revenue. In the following MAGENTO 2 guide, you will know how to setup Free Shipping with 3 simple steps.

#Step 1: Enable Free Shipping

Start at the Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores -> Setting -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping Method. Then, you need to set “Enable” to “Yes” as well as complete the Free Shipping settings for any carrier service that you would like to provide.

#Step 2: Create a Shopping Cart Price Rule

Tap “Marketing” in the Admin sidebar. Then, choose “Cart Price Rules” under “Promotions”. MAGENTO 2 guide for users indicates some kinds of Free Shipping. Your selection depends on your business’s marketing campaign. On the screen after choosing “Cart Price Rules”, you can create them. There are many steps, so let’s pay attention.

Free Shipping on any order

Complete the settings in “Rule Information” as follows:

  • Enter a “Rule Name” for internal reference
  • Enter a brief “Description” to describe your store’s rule.
  • Set “Status” to “Active” and “Website” to “Main website”. In case of not being selected, click the entry to make sure
  • Select the “Customer Groups”. There are 3 selections: General, Wholesale and Retailer. Choose the rule to which you want to apply.
  • Set “Coupon” to one of the available selections:
  • “No coupon” is the default. It means offering a Free Shipping promotion without a coupon.
  • Setting to “Specific Coupon” is to use a coupon with the price rule.
  • Then, you need to complete some settings in the panel on the left. Choose “Actions”. Under “Pricing Structure Rules”, set 3 categories: “Apply” to “Percent of product price discount”, “Free Shipping” to “For shipment with matching items” and “Apply to Shipping Amount” to “Yes”.
  • Then, in the panel on the left, choose “Labels”. You need to do one of the following:

Enter a “Default Rule Label for All Store View”.

Enter “Store View Specific Labels”. In case your store is available in multiple stores.

  • Click “Save Rule” to save settings.

Free Shipping on orders over $Amount

Firstly, we need to complete the settings for “General Information”, “Actions” and “Labels” as the same with “Free Shipping for Any Order”. After that, do the following:

In the panel on the left, choose “Conditions” and click “Add to insert a condition”. Then follow these steps:

  • Choose “Subtotal” in the list under “Cart Attribute”.
  • Chose “equals or greater than.”
    After clicking the … “more” link, you need to enter a threshold value for the Subtotal to complete the condition.
  • Tap “Save Rule”.


#Step 3: Test the rule

Being the last step, testing is an important step. Many people skip this step because they think that it is not necessary, even time-consuming. On the contrary, if not tested, when applied, something wrong can happen.

After creating a new price rule, the system offers about an hour or so to become available. You should not interrupt this process that can cause some errors. So, make sure to allow enough time for the system to integrate it. Then keep in mind to test the rule. That test is taken to make sure that the rule might work correctly.

Setup this MAGENTO 2 Free Shipping promotion successfully will create the correct rule that you can apply to your store. As mentioned, Free Shipping is a very effective method to boost your sales as well as grow your business. With Free Shipping, customers do not have to pay any fee for delivery.

Therefore, they feel more comfortable when shopping. It can be said, this marketing strategy has encouraged customers to purchase more. Pay attention to create appropriate Free Shipping as well as the promotion methods, so that it can suitable for the features of your items as well as your business.

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Here is the setup of Free Shipping Rules in Magento 2. By this MAGENTO 2 guide, we hope that you can apply for your site successfully and easily. In the process of setup, if you have any concern, comment below and we will reply as soon as possible.