If you want to create a website that includes attractive pages or beautiful blogs and pictures, Magento 2 Theme Pre-built or Custom Built or template is one of the first things that you need to consider to ensure the success of your webshop. Layout, fonts, colors, locations and image sizes,  etc, are the factor to have a flawless UX and UI for attracting the users.

However, the key factor is how to choose what works for your site. Because of the differences in the choices of each e-commerce business, here, I would like to show some features of Pre-built and Custom Built Theme that provide comprehensive visions for making your own choices.

Pre-built Theme


Faster time and cost-effective

With Pre-built themes, your website will come to the market with less time and cost and it's extremely effective. Imagine your site is a like a house, with Pre-built themes, you only need bring your own items to put in your home without built or design any walls because someone did it. In the simple way of thinking, it is like a renting. So, really, you needn’t do much but you still have a complete website.

Suitable for the startup company or small businesses

If your site has a startup or small business, Pre-built themes will be the best choice. Why? For the startup, you don’t have enough money and can't have risk investment. You don’t have much technical and design experience to create a perfect online store. Or simply, your online store doesn't have big demands. Thus, these are a reason why you should choose Pre-built themes.


Load time

Pre-built themes have a dozen of options and features. In some cases, some options are not necessary for a particular page. Therefore, though the variety of options and features are great for site maintainers, it makes a big effect on the user, which slows downtime and load time. As a result, it's going to decrease the user's interaction and satisfaction.


Pre-built themes are suitable for all websites, however, it is really hard to make your own. Particularly, Pre-built themes have some limited features and customizations, you cannot add any other options or features you want. Pre-built themes are going to have a specific requirement for each page, menu, or section within the page that you must follow without any other options. For example, if you want to put the image in another place or make the box wider, Pre-built will not support it. Thus, you have to use rigid themes and can't customize yourself.

A pre-built theme is a good option for small business, or if you are having a tight schedule, if this is you, consider reading our other post of How to choose the best Magento 2 theme

Custom Theme


Full control website’s look and functionality.

With Custom themes, you are a designer and a creator of your own site. As you do it, you completely control, change and maintain its really necessary functionality. This is the best way for you to plan your future online store such as how your brand showcased to the customer and how to make it impressive for the users. Thereby, the customization allows you to design a unique website of your own, certainly, it will bring you to the top.


Recently, the market has been flooded with tremendous online stores, recognizing your brand in the market is very difficult if you don’t have an outstanding website design. Custom themes built from design take you to a new level. By using the Custom themes, you are going to have a powerful presence in the market with a unique website that really attracts potential customers.


Slower time to market

From start, it takes a long time for you to create a design and implement it. This process requires a large amount of time. Furthermore, you never know what your website looks like until the process design is finished. However, in order to ensure the stable and sustainable growth of your site, especially, if you are a medium and large business’ online store, this is a better way to choose instead of the Pre-built themes.

High cost

A website design using a custom theme having to ensure business purposes. So, it is going to require the extra cost of hiring a developer (unless you are a professional developer) to develop and maintain the website. Besides that, even if you are a professional developer, the extra cost investment should be done to maintain your site, and promote the website brand as well. The cost of fluctuations depends on the complexity of the website, type, and size. However, do not fear investing the amount on the website since it is going to bring you an extremely significant profit.

As you can see, we have just listed some prominent pros and cons of Pre-built and Custom themes to help you make the right decision for your own website. Let remember, your decision depends on many factors, particularly time and budget. However, you can choose Pre-built themes to run first to see how it goes and after that, if you have a deep pocket, you can invest the time and money to choose the Custom theme. Building a unique and effective front-end is one of Magenest Magento 2 Development Service, share with us your idea, so we can make it a reality!