There are various factors that contribute to a successful business. One of those factors is marketing. In this article, we will focus on a rather specific aspect of marketing, email marketing campaigns.


Email marketing is a versatile tool that helps you spread out your brand, promote products, generate leads, and so on. If you are just looking into email marketing, there are 3 main types of email marketing campaigns that you should research carefully.


1.     The definition of email marketing

Before we come to the detail of email marketing campaigns, you must understand what the email marketing means. With the innovation of business campaigns, people have more chances to approach the customer via the internet. Email marketing is a way of business digital marketing campaigns. People build a campaign for this process. The type of marketing is a highly effective sale booster by sending the attractive message for prospects and customers. Therefore, when people read those emails, they will be persuaded to choose services or products of the producer.

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2.     Types of email marketing campaigns

To enhance sales, beginners tend to focus on broadcasting their brand not only on the local market but also outside the country. If you are wondering which type of email marketing campaign you should use, let’s check out the information below.


  •        Promotional Emails

The main point of those emails is to get people to pay attention to your services or products. When they feel interested in what your email introduces, customers may decide to purchase the product.

For example, a shopper decides to search on the Internet. The reason is that he still has no idea about a suitable shop to buy a gift for his lover. When he clicks on your shop, he receives a promotional email. That way you can let the customer know more about your product. As a result, he may feel interested and decide to buy the gift from your store.

A promotional email usually has one or all of those promotions: coupon or discount, an invitation for an event or access to the exclusive content. The offer in this email is for a limited time. The primary purpose of the email is to judge the customer accept this email to gain the deal.


  •        Transactional Emails

Actually, when you come to a website, you always have to work with this type of email without awareness. For example, a clothes store requires the shopper to choose his location first before he can use this application.

In simple word, a transactional email is an automated reminder that appears when a person does certain activities on a website. The email can be a welcome message, a purchasing confirmation or an update announcement. Whenever you finish ordering goods, you always get the confirmation email, right?


  •        Relational Emails

The final important part of the email marketing campaign is collecting a relational database. Data collection should allow you to improve your brand awareness, segment your customers, tailor your content or gain valuable insights into the shopping preference of your customers. Relational emails often offer a kind of free content or benefits to customers, not necessarily to promote sales, but rather give your customers an impression of your brand.


In short, there are many kinds of marketing campaigns for different commercial purposes. In spite of the variety, beginners should stay focus in three main types. Therefore, you will not be confused while operating the first project. After having enough experiences, you can research deeply on those campaigns for more choices.