One of the many struggles of modern-day stores is how to generate more in-store customers from its online visitors. Using an online map to display store location instead of just a  plain address line of words has been a common thing in the recent years. This is called a store locator.


The definition of the store locator


When you are looking for the address of a store, you tend to search it on the internet. Commonly, that action leads you into Google Maps which show you the exact location and detail of the store. This helpful function of Google is one of the well-known store locator services.

In simple words, these location finders are a web-based map which users can access easily on the internet. Most people use the smartphone as a connector. While searching location on the map, customers can get the address of the store and also have the other data in detail. Therefore, they can go to the store in the easiest way in the direction of the map.


The reason why businessmen should choose this service


To attract more in-store customers than your company had before, you should change the marketing project right away.


Give customers your exact address


It is easy to find out many people who buy products from a store but they do not have the address of it. When the customer needs to come to the store, they will look up on the internet.

That situation requires a company put its name on the Google Maps so that all the customers can find out. Hence, during the searching progress, they can get the right location in a handy way.


Show the direction to your store


As far as I am concerned, we have numerous stores within a street. This brings a challenge for the client to find out a store among the chaos. With the support of the location finders, they can get the simple way to reach it.

This can show you the importance of the service to your store. If the customer can find out your store, he will not be able to buy your product. In this situation, your company needs to work with the geo-location software.


Give more information to the customers


Customers when searching the name of a store on the internet tend to look for more than the address. With the innovative technology, they can have a lot of stores’ data in the metropolitan areas within a click. This way, the customer can have the comparison among those shops.

As a result, they can know which store is more suitable for their demand. In addition, uploading your brand’s information on the online map provides more chance for incoming guests. The reason is that they can know exactly what they can get when coming to your store.


Get more new incoming customers


Customers sometimes come across places they find on Google Maps, so why not make it one of your stores? Besides, having a store location on Google Maps can leave an impression of a verified and trustworthy merchant.


Final words


There are plenty of ways that a store locator can be beneficial for your business. If you're using Magento 2, make sure to try out our extension -  Advanced Store Locator