Who doesn't love a 30% discount on their bill? Especially if that’s the product they are looking to buy. But how do you inform your customers about this offer, on a specific product? 

Magento 2 Popup extension is just the right option for you to communicate with your customers, give them a shout and prompt them to hit that magical “Add to cart”, then the payment button.

If you want to learn more about eCommerce popup, here is your guide on Ecommerce pop-up

Magento 2 popup extension offers advanced features that simplify the creation of a popup. It can be customized to fit well on your website. It’s easy to use, you can install or modify it without any IT knowledge required.  Good enough? Here is the list of  9 Magento popup extensions (in random order) to look at! 

Great Magento 2 Popup Extensions

Magento 2 Popup Extension | Magenest

The Magento 2 Popup by Magenest offers a fast and simple way to create your popups. With various templates available, the extension allows you to craft beautiful and unique popups that grab people’s attention. What’s more, the popup can be personalized based on customers’ set of behaviors, making it easier to engage with customers and call for action!

Magenest popup extension


  • Different types of popups on different occasions: static form, subscription form, etc. and some PLUS features such as Subscribe box, Product widgets, Hot deal
  • Behavior-based popups: different popups are triggered based on different behaviors. For example, popups after customers have spent 20 minutes on websites, about to checkout or leave, etc.
  • Set up a start and end date so that you don’t have to go back and forth to turn it off after a campaign
  • Create impressive popups with the animated effect
  • Freely locate your popups everywhere on the screen to create a pleasant experience for customers
  • Track your customer’s activities on the back end for analyzing
  • Mobile responsive
  • Magento 2 Popup is integrated directly to the backend making it easier to install


Magento 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 

Customer support

30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime updates

Price: $99

Check out the popup extension by Magenest and get a discount with a bundle purchase!

Better Popup / Exit Intent Popup for Magento 2 | Mageplaza

As the name implies, Mageplaza’s popup aims to keep customers on the website, then drive them to subscribe, buy a product, or read the content. Exit intent popup by Mageplaze can trigger curiosity or excitement by customized content using HTML, different display styles, and unique designs that fit your website’s theme.

Mageplaza Exit Intent Popup


  • Premade popup templates that easily edit and reuse
  • The display is triggered when an exit-intent is detected or after a period of time (set by admin)
  • Redisplay popups after a certain time to keep visitors away from disruption
  • Report emails with numbers of subscribers to be sent to the owner’s email
  • Report on Magento 2 popup is integrated into the dashboard for a better management


2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

Customer support

60-day money-back, lifetime update, 365-day support

Price: $79

Other Paid Magento 2 Popup Extensions

Popup for Magento 2 | BSScommerce ($119)

Magento 2 Popup by BSScommerce helps to create various kinds of popups for multi-purposes whether it’s a newsletter, promotion popup or contact form popup, etc.

The popups can be customized with images, videos, widgets using WYSIWYG editor. You can also change the design of popups with the help of CSS functions.

BSSCommerce Magento 2 Popup extension


  • Different display for different scrolling behaviors
  • 6 positions to display popups
  • Easily set up the cookie duration for each popup
  • Show popups for targeted customers for an effective marketing result
  • Offer captivating designs to attract customers’ attention


2.2.x - 2.3.5 

Customer support

Free 1-year support, lifetime update, 30-day money back

Popup Pro for Magento 2 | Aheadworks ($179)

Aheadworks’s popup creates high-performance popups with a personalized approach. Popup Pro Magento 2 helps to extend your promo reach by targeting the right customers, at the right time with appealing popup designs. With a motivating CTA using WYSIWYG editor, popups keep customers engaging with the content and increase sales prospects.

Aheadworks’s popups are claimed to be unobtrusive, sharp-looking, and customized to give your visitors a joy ride through their browsing journey.

Aheadworks Magento 2 Popup extension


  • Design popup with CSS function
  • Rich popup content with WYSIWYG editor
  • 7 animated options for a popup design
  • Target customers and specific segments
  • Define the frequency to show popups and where to display
  • Support to analyze views, clicks, CTR


2.3.X - 2.4.X

Customer support

45-day money-back, 90-day free support, lifetime updates

Magento 2 Popup extension | Magearray ($49)

Magearray believes a well-designed and tempting popup converts better than an ordinary one. Hence, their Magento 2 popup and exit intent extension are fabricated to grab customers’ attention at first sight. The popup extension shows an image, a form, or an HTML content based on customers’ actions to promote a product or gather their information.

The best Magento 2 popup: Magearraypopup


  • Any content: you can choose to set different kinds of content on your popups: image, video, iframe, HTML… and many more
  • Anywhere: you can place your popups on the homepage, CMS page, category page, product page…
  • Anytime: you can set a specific time for popups to display, or set cookie manually
  • Set up a redirect link for the image that will lead to another page
  • Responsive on mobiles, tablets
  • Set the start date and end date


2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Customer support

Lifetime free update, lifetime free support, 30-day money back

Popup Magento 2 extension | Landofcoder ($59)

Available for both B2B and B2C customers, the Landofcode popup extension assures to create the best popups for your business without compromising customer experience. It emphasizes on providing user-friendly popups by offering valuable promo codes or asking for an email in a friendly manner. 

It’s highly compatible with other Magento 2 extensions such as form builder, page builder,... creating seamless integration for your store. 

This popup extension is not for free. There are many schemes you can choose from. The price ranges from the standard scheme with $89 to 12-month premium support with $169.


  • Constantly updated templates with new features
  • Track data and popup performance in the back end
  • Various types of popups: yes/no form, contact form, social sharing, subscription, etc
  • Rules-based popups with moderate display frequency to make sure customers are not annoyed
  • Versatile design to customize, change the style, decorate your popups with the use of CSS
  • New updates accompanied with new templates for your extension


2.3.0, 2.3.x

Customer support

30-day money-back, free support, free update, 100% open source

Magento 2 Popup Widget Extension | Mageworx

Magento 2 popup widget extension enhances the front end of your eCommerce store with various widgets and popup types. With this extension, you can easily create a functional and rich interface for your popups. The popup widget extension also provides a wide range of pre-made templates to enrich the users’ experience.


  • All types of popups are supported: full-screen, floating, scroll, etc
  • Combine standard widgets with advanced one for a more interactive popup
  • 69 ready-to-use templates (no HTML knowledge needed)
  • Add new settings to your popups: button styles, background borders, etc
  • Display popups on different pages and positions
  • Set up display frequency and based on customers’ behaviors
  • Advanced analytics to get specific and comprehensive insights

Magento 2 Newsletter Popup Extension | Plumrocket ($149)

Newsletter Popup extension increases email subscription, which is one of the most effective marketing channels for eCommerce stores. By offering deals, coupons in exchange for an email, owners can easily engage with their customers on a weekly/monthly basis. With this extension, tracking conversion and revenues is a piece of cake.


  • 20 ready-to-apply newsletter popup templates with responsive themes. Templates are also editable in Magento 2 backend
  • Retrieve emails from the Facebook account with customers’ consent
PlumRocket Magento 2 Popup extension
  • Generate coupon codes automatically
  • Track conversion and total revenue
  • Collect only legitimate email addresses
  • Integrate perfectly with CRM platforms and email marketing


2.2.X - 2.4.X

Customer support

100% open code, 60 days refund policy, free lifetime update

Easy Newsletter popup Magento 2 extension | CynoInfotech ($25)

The newsletter popup from CynoInfotech is regarded as a simple and powerful plugin to create a lightbox popup for your eCommerce store. This will lead to more subscriptions and a larger customer pool. The popup is easy to edit and control from the backend. Admin can set cookie times to re-display popups and view subscribers.

The support service is free of charge for the first three months. There will be an additional fee of $25 for another 6-month support, and $40 for 12 months. Bear in mind that $25 will be applied for installation service.


  • An easy popup appears when visitors enter the website
  • Customizable popups
  • Easy to install, edit and manage from the back end
  • Enable/disable extension from the back end


2.2.X, 2.3.X, 2.4.X

Customer support

90 free day support, lifetime updates

Final words

Popups are crucial to drive your revenue and skyrocket your business. Magento 2 Popup is the extension that will make your day easier by creating the most appealing popups with support tools. The extensions from Magento 2 are versatile and functional for your promo campaigns, newsletters, and also improve the retention rate on your websites. 

Pick one that suits your business and go explore!