Most people’s shopping hobby has shifted from going to the outlets or stores to shopping online. With the aim of improving the users browsing experience, many merchants are trying to create a more attractive interface. One of the most effective ways to magnetize customers is product labeling.


What is product labeling?


Product labeling is the way merchants design their products in the eCommerce websites to be more outstanding and attractive to the customers by highlighting for products that are: on sale, exclusive, bestsellers, etc.


How this solution can affect to merchant effectively


The first benefit is that it can highlight the “hot” items or the product that you want to sell it faster. By using product tag like “Bestseller”, “We like”,etc., customers can easily see what are the “hot trend” items or the items that a lot of others people love. There are 2 examples can help you know more how the effectiveness of this solution is.






Among a wide range of products, especially in clothing, buyers are always confused when choosing the most suitable product for them. Revolve has created product tag “Bestseller” in the bottom of the product picture based on the great amount of product have sold in a specific of time. Therefore, customers will focus more on these products having the tag “Bestseller”.





Another website using product label is Jumbo. This site uses the product tag “We like” to attract the shopping online users’ attention. The tag “We like” is very catchy for customers to leave in this site and then they will go into more details about these products.

Secondly, merchants can stimulate the sales of inventory. They can use some product tags namely “New”, “Sale” or “Sold out”. Below are 2 common websites using this eCommerce marketing strategy.






With the simple designed product tag “New” in the left top of the product picture, customers can browse the whole site at ease, follow these “new” products as well.








By using these tags for example “Sale” and “Sold Out”, Stylekeepers is another successful merchant using this solution. Customers might know what promotional products are and how much discount they receive when buying this product for instance 10% or more.

A well designed product label can help draw the attention of potential website users. Such a label tag contributes to a merchant’s efforts in building a trustworthy loyalty. In this article, we will introduce a module called Product Labels for Magento 2 that can help to add lots of nice and attractive product tags.


Magento 2 Product Labels is an extension tool to sell smarter by highlighting products in an appealing way to encourage buying decisions from customers.

This module allows admin to create and apply labels for new products and products on sale or whatever label you want for your products. With a label, you can highlight almost any attributes you want for your products. There's absolutely no limit to what you can think of. Indeed, you can set some special attributes for products such as: environment-friendly, recyclable, etc.


In this Magento 2 Product Labels, beside pre-installed stickers and labels, you-an admin –can always add your own custom ones. The extension also supports using uploaded pre-designed image to use as stickers. Moreover, you can create basic stickers with text. During the process of creating and setting position, you can easily see it with a live preview in Magento 2 backend.


In addition, you can set conditions and rules for the labels to apply to products. You can easily choose to show the custom product label to a certain customer groups, set a time range for the custom label to display over product images as well as set a priority for the custom label rule. Customers might be easier to sort products according to certain categories, attributes, etc.




Many merchants attempt to improve their users experience by providing simply filtering steps with satisfied results. In order to encourage customers to buy more and more as well as gain customers’ trust and loyalty, it is undoubtedly right to use many types of tags on the product.  Let Magento 2 Product Labels to help you do this process.