Events are used by all firms of all scales as a way for businesses to interact with customers. That being said, organizing and managing an event effectively is not an easy task. Specifically, we are talking about selling your events on your website.


Online ticketing can be a pain without the right tool. There are online services that are designed for event organizing and tracking, yet we find them often to be expensive and/or would require extensive subscription fees. If you have already had Magento 2 running, we have just the answer you need.


Magenest’s extension ‘Event Tickets’ can let your site visitors book tickets effortlessly and help you effectively manage your events while remains an integral part of your Magento 2 Installation.


Be in control of your Event, whatever you want, whenever you want


Event Details Page

‘Event Tickets’ by Magenest allows you to easily create and modify your event tickets straight from the backend with almost no hassle. This extension gives you the ability to specify your desired types, pricing, quantity, etc. Furthermore, with our easy-to-use design options, you can visualize your tickets in printable form.


By utilizing the feature-rich management core of Magento 2, you can manage and keep track of your event progress as efficiently as any product. Marketing reports, sales reports, customers reports, reviews… can be conducted right on demand. Your participants list can be exported in CSV/XML files for offline management.


Smartphone Support - The fundament of the era


Aside from the conventional specifications for your tickets, our extension features auto-generated Barcode/QR Code upon payment. Customers can redeem their tickets with their Android phones through our exclusive ‘Mobile Barcode Scanning App’.

Android Ticket Scanner

The Verdict


With exclusively tailored features for event management, ‘Event Tickets’ is one of the best extension for event management on the market. Complemented by our ‘Mobile Barcode Scanning App’, the package is Magenest’s answer to your search for an effective solution to selling event tickets right on your Magento 2 website.