Instagram is not just a place to share beautiful moments through pictures and videos interesting. Now, it has become one of the very popular sales channels for young people. While Facebook is increasingly evident nature like a "money-making machine" with harsh competition, Instagram is a pretty smart choice. You are intending to business on this new pie, but do not know how to start and what should business post on Instagram? Follow the steps in Magento’s article to get an attracted online store on Instagram.


Introduce and promote products or services visually


First, upload the pictures interesting, eye-catching product, your service. So, make use of the 19 effects that Instagram offers to create their own creative pictures, according to the shoppable Instagram special taste. This way or another with different angles, they are posting pictures Frappuccino close coffee cup, the cupcake, and other traditional products an extremely unique. Results and bring them millions of followers daily.

A recommendation for you that you should not put up pictures of boring, arid like tables, graphs which focus on creating a real feel of the product and your service. Also avoid posting too many pictures a day or use the image because the needs of users are always directed to something new, creative and do not want to review the disturbed empty trails.


Organizes photo contests


This is one way of marketing appeal, attracting many potential customers across all channels and the Instagram social network is no exception. Please organize one competition urging people to send photos to stock your product and then upload to Instagram to add one sentence comment and integrate your hashtag shop. This looks promising names shop will become a wave on Instagram, have it large or small, and the level of impact how depends on the program you offer attractive and theory. Daily or weekly you will select the best photograph to reward.

Or you can learn the organizational forms of Levi's with efforts to find a fashion model representing the company by posting photographs while wearing Levi's jeans outfit. Results that more than 3,500 photos were selected and invited to attend the premiere of the latest form of its jeans and the winner will appear on the catwalk Levi's 2012 Go Forth. By organizing competitions like this, virtually your products are widely promoted without too much cost and effort.


The photographs accompanying promotional codes


A photo introduces products and services you provide to customers one discount code behind that appeal to them by calling on people to leave comments, increased interactive 2D. Retailers outfit Topshop (UK) has more than 218 thousand fans have gained great success in the introduction to address new store when using Facebook and Twitter entice shoppers to photos posted on Instagram with not a secret discount code.


Share moments of the backstage


Customers like to see somewhat participates in making your campaigns or products. The shots of behind the scenes at campaigns show how we could share the images that provide a quick flash behind the screen while still suitable with the brand image.


Find the influencers


This is how much smart business choice to promote products and services to numerous users to take advantage of their huge amount of fans of celebrities who have a voice. This method is not only applicable to Instagram but also applicable to all social networks to create a wave of strong spillover.

Or you can encourage all of your customers to share photos by rewarding them worthily. Sharphie did not hesitate for such cases. With top people share the most genuine image of each week will be presented the ballpoint pens and markers unique and instantly program that thousands of people responded.

Instagram business is considered to be a quite new direction, not more competition than Facebook. So, if you want to start the focus to develop the brand to the minds of each user. Also, do not forget Instagram integration with other social networks to enhance the user switching to know you more.