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Rental And Booking System

Rental and Booking is a comprehensive toolkit for your rental company:

  • Set up location, vehicle types and attributes
  • Set up search criteria for vehicles
  • Set pricing for unique attributes
  • Add extra services
  • Manage rental tickets, order and profit

” A complete suite for booking cars and vehicles ”

Create a new vehicle type in 3 steps

Add vehicle info, rental rule and design

Add a new type of vehicle to act as category for your products, e.g, car, motorbike

Add common attributes

Add general attributes that give customer more choice and variety. variety to Add amenities and features that each hotel offers customers

Set unique attributes

Add unique features that gives more value to the vehicle. These features will raise the price of the vehicle.

Prepare your rental company

Set up your rental business locations

Set up where you will rent your vehicles to customers

Set up attributes for your vehicles

Create all the attributes needed for your vehicles

Set search configuration for vehicles

Name your search group

Create name for your search group for easy reference

Choose vehicle type

Categorize the search group into a particular vehicle type

Add search criteria

Create filter criteria to use for searching products in the group

Set up your vehicles for rental

Set common attributes for your vehicles

Add variety to your products with common attributes. Common attributes do not affect prices

Add unique features to your vehicles

Add value to your vehicles with unique features. Unique features affect pricing

Add extra services for your vehicles

Extra services add even more value for your customers: drivers, tents for rents, etc

Keep control of your business operations

Manage rental order

See order value, customer info, order status, grand total (purchase), grand total (base)

Manage booking tickets

See ticket status, customer info, order info, extra services, redemption status

Track business profit

Monitor profits gained from extra services

High quality extensions and services

24/7 customer support

Free extension updates (6 months)

Open-source and customizable

Docs & Demo

Front-end Demo

Home Page

Back-end Demo


High quality extensions and services

6-month Free Support
Free Life-time Updates
Open-source and customizable
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Rental And Booking System
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