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Rental And Booking System

Rental and Booking is a comprehensive toolkit for your rental company:

  • Set up location, vehicle types and attributes
  • Set up search criteria for vehicles
  • Set pricing for unique attributes
  • Add extra services
  • Manage rental tickets, order and profit
CE 2.1.x, EE 2.1.x
Version 1.0.0



Manage your rental booking business more effectively with less energy

Add new attributes to use for vehicle templates

  • Set a name for the attribute
  • Choose a data input type for the attribute
  • 5 available data input types: text field, text area, color, select, date

Create new vehicle templates

  • Set name for the vehicle template
  • Set the rental pricing model: by hour or by day
  • Add icons and background image to the vehicle template
  • Add common attributes to the vehicles. These are attributes created in the attribute section
  • Add options to each common attribute
  • Add a defining attribute, each option for the attribute will have specific quantities
  • Easily turn assign any product to a particular vehicle template

Allocate vehicles to different business locations

  • Set a name for the location
  • Open or close the location at will
  • Set the country, city, region, and the specific location to show up on the map
  • Add the longtitude and latitude to the location for exact pinpoint on Google Map

Set search tools for vehicles for easy filtering

  • Set a name for the search mode
  • Assign the search tool to a particular vehicle type
  • Choose a list of attributes from the common attribute lists to use for vehicle searching

Apply specific attributes to individual vehicles

  • Choose a specific option for each attribute
  • Set available time slot for the vehicle. assign quantities, locations available and price for each defining option
  • Add extra attributes to each vehicle, including availabe quantity and locations, and rental model
  • Smart coupon code - Set expiry time for coupon codes, motivate customers to purchase immediately
  • Abandoned cart analytics - Track abandoned cart and cart recovery rates to optimize email campaign

Manage vehicle booking and renting orders

  • See all order numbers, status, customer contact info and order value
  • View and edit individual orders
  • Calculate revenue gained from extra rental options
  • Manage renting tickets and redemption status
  • Show vehicle, customer info, order number, quantity, extra option on tickets

General settings for Rental and Booking Extension

  • Set a code pattern to generate for rental tickets
  • Add Google Map API key to generate maps on each vehicle page
  • Generate tickets after each purchase
  • Automatically send tickets to customers on purchase
  • Set the maximum number of vehicles to be booked per transaction

Full list of features for Magento 2 Rental and Booking

  • Create vehicle attributes
  • Create vehicle templates
  • Apply templates and common attributes to vehicles
  • Set search filter for cutoemrs to easily look for vehicles
  • Add extra attributes, pricing, quantity and locations for each option
  • Manage orders, profit and ticket redemption status
  • Auto generate and email tickets to customers
  • Integrate with Google Map
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Rental And Booking System
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