According to a recent survey, more than  75% of global online users abandoned their carts prior to purchase completion. Now, store owners are turning to email and SMS remarketing to reduce such a high rate by turning potential customers into actual ones.

Why online shoppers abandon their carts?

There are numerous reasons for online carts being abandoned by users; however, there are main causes for abandonment consisting of extra cost too high, complicated checkout process, security matter, personal distractions and “window shopping online”.

Extra cost too high

According to Baymard, in 2016, 61% of US adults abandon their online carts since the online stores charged them for shipping, tax, and other fees at unexpected prices.

A study has shown that 55% of consumers keep a transaction uncompleted when presented with an extra shipping cost. Customers may be more likely to become unmotivated shoppers if they have to bear value-added tax.

Complicated checkout process

35% reported interviewees leaving a purchase found it too complex to complete the transaction because the website insisted on them creating a user account.

Security matter

Most online shoppers answer that “I don’t trust the site with my credit card information”, leading to 35% users who left their transaction without checkout as they were so concerned the security level of the site.

Personal distractions

In a fast-paced life, people tend to be more easily distracted by digital communication such as a phone call, a text message, a notification on Facebook, etc. or their attention suddenly changed to other matters, and unfortunately, they forgot all that they were doing.

Window shopping online

In fact, 99.9% of consumers never purchase any item during their first site visit. Almost 40% of individuals responded that they were “just browsing or just killing the time”. Some customers may select some item for their cart, but they could not afford it at that time.

How abandoned cart email works?

Don’t give up on potential customers easily because there are some impressive figures of cart abandonment for you to consider. Over 40% emails regarding abandoned carts are opened and 21% out of them are clicked-through. The good news is half of the email recipients who clicked purchases.

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Abandoned cart email allows you to send follow-up emails and SMS to consumers who kept their item carts uncompleted during their store visit.

Here is the general process of how abandoned cart remarketing works:

- A customer visits an online store.

- He/She puts an item in her cart without completing the transaction, but she leaves some personal information such as email address or mobile phone prior to exiting the site.

- After a certain time, his/her cart is transferred into “abandoned cart”.

- Afterward, you send them a reminder in an email/text message form to ask his/her return to complete her purchase.

- The customer comes back your online store to finish his/her uncompleted transaction and check out.

At this point, you are very happy because you increase sales and before it, all you want to know is how to execute a remarketing campaign effectively.

Tips of abandoned cart email campaigns for e-marketers

Pick an extension to manage the process

There are a number of extensions required to make an abandoned cart email campaign effective. You will need to customize abandoned cart email templates, send follow-up emails, integrate with Google Analytics Campaign, and manage reports, etc. For these steps, an all-in-one extension like Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email is that you should take it into account.

Gather customers’ email early

One of the best incentives for customers to provide their email addresses during their first site visit is a coupon code available for the next purchase. But keep in mind that if you require them to fill in their email address too early on their first visit to the site, you will annoy them.

Trigger an email remarketing campaign quickly

As customers’ attention in purchasing an item has a tendency to decrease considerably over time, shoppers should get an email reminder within 3 hours after their cart abandonment. According to studies, after one hour,  store owners receive the highest rate of opened and clicked-through emails, but the highest average order values from emails delivered after three hours. You should send a second follow-up email on the following day in case the first email is ignored and the third email should be sent a day or two days after that. Don’t forget to find an appropriate email delivery service provider; for example, MailChimp that allows you to send massive subsequent recovery emails and highly recommended for e-stores regarding user-friendliness and reasonable cost.

Personalizing in shopping cart recovery emails

Instead of sending out the same content to all shoppers, you should include their specific names and abandoned items as well as use a friendly and welcoming tone. Have you tried getting started with phrases such as: “Hey you left something in your cart from your last visit to our store. Do you want to keep shopping…?” “Did you miss something important in your shopping cart?” “Was there any problem with your shopping cart? Let us help you!."

Additionally, sometimes your customers may still contemplate making a purchase because of some credibility-related reasons. At that time, you should build credibility by reminding customers of your refund policy, customers’ testimonials, safe payment process, etc., for example, “Your shopping cart is secured by Opayo (formerly Sage Pay), a leader among payment service providers to keep your information absolutely confidential”.

Creating a sense of urgency and call-to-action

Phrases like “Our promotional offer will be expired by… Complete your order now” or “Click to get a free shipping code for your order no later than...” or “Your item is almost out of stock. Act now”, etc. can be used to spur the transaction completion.

Offering special incentives to motivate customers to take action

After the first cart recovery email, you might also consider including a special offer like free-shipping, a 10% discount on the total order, a small free gift after purchase, etc. Remember that customers may deliberately leave their carts with the aim of getting discounts; therefore, you should save the best for last - a special offer for subsequent follow-up emails rather than the first one. Some shoppers simply need an email reminder for their returning to the purchase.


To sum up, from the perspective of economic impact, cart abandonment costs store-owners about 2 to 4 trillion each year. I hope you find it interesting since perhaps shopping cart recovery solutions is one of the priorities for e-commerce marketers.

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