Nowadays, there are various websites providing online shopping service. As a result, the customer has more chances to compare those products. That leads to the high rate of cart abandonment. One of the most effective solutions for this issue is using the abandoned cart email. In this article, we will show you the way to recover cart abandonment in Magento 2.

What is cart abandonment?

If this is the first time you heard those words, the below information will be helpful for you.

There are many reasons that can lead to cart abandonment. eCommerce actually has, arguably. a weak point. With multiple merchants selling similar products, it can be very easy for a customer to compare products before spending their money. Occasionally, they add items to their shopping cart but end up leaving the website without completing the process. Or sometimes they got distracted by something else and forget about the carts.

What are abandoned cart emails?

Meanwhile, the abandoned cart email automation is a method which used by businessmen to remind the shoppers of their shopping cart. This is one of the most common choices for sellers to recover customers’ abandonment carts. This is how it works: it detects when the shoppers leave the website without completing the transactions for the items they’ve added to the shopping cart, The module will then schedule an email reminding the customers to complete their transactions. Depending on how well the email is written, it can recover those potentially lost sales.

Here are a few things that you should remember to have a good abandoned cart email.

  •        The message works as a reminder of the shopper’s abandoned cart.
  •        The email must be a good copy of the detail of services or products.
  •        They may need to contain the attractive offer for the shoppers.

Follow up emails in Magento 2

To boost sales of your store, we can choose more selections on Magento 2 besides the cart abandonment. One of which is the Follow-up emails extension. It is a perfect application for your business campaign.

Why Follow-up emails is the best choice for us? - There are three main reasons.

Firstly, the extension is an automatic and powerful tool for your company’s marketing campaign. This Follow-up email also includes the Abandoned cart extension which is the best configuration for e-business. Hence, you can create the chance to sell products to the customer.

Secondly, Follow up emails are a part of Magento 2 so it does not require users to update the customer’s information. In other words, this extension uses the database directly from Magento 2. Therefore, when working with this application, you just need to fill up some crucial fields and let the software do the rest.

The last reason is that the price for Follow up emails in Magento 2 is reasonable. Compare with the high income you will get, we can say that your investment in the extension is fair. Moreover, the Follow-up email surprisingly does not require any subscription. This is also a plus point of the application.

In short, with Magento 2 extensions, you can run your business efficiently. Follow-up emails are one of the most must-have extensions for a successful marketing campaign. If you want to increase the number of clients, you should work with this extension.