If you want to get your business thriving, there are many areas that need to be covered, especially in the world of modern e-Commerce. Among the first tasks should be selecting a platform to start working on. One of the e-commerce platforms is Magento, with which you could potentially bring your customers a good shopping experience and increase your profit. In this article, we introduce you to a few well-known brands operating on the platform.

  1. Bulgari


They say that diamonds are the best friend of a girl. This opinion has been proven successful by the famed Italian company named Bulgari that provides luxury goods and jewelry including perfumes, accessories, and watches. The webshop based on Magento ensures sole shopping experience for customers by enjoying a luxurious experience and wellness.

  1. Everlast


Everlast US companies specializing in the manufacturing of boxing and sports equipment, such as clothes, shoes, and accessories. Everlast is engaged in the financing of the competition. The company has a webshop running on Magento and can be worth money.

  1. Fred Perry

fred perry

The famous brand worldwide Fred Perry specializing in designing jackets, T-shirts, polo shirts, trainers for women and men. There's a fantastic history of the company that the source of it turns in the field to become a cultural icon, Fred Perry preserves a leading position and runs Magento on the web store.

  1. Graze


Graze is a snack producing company which provides approximately 200 combinations of snacks to customers. Although the company has appeared in 2008 and is regarded as a young business, the market position they have acquired is quite significant. The company provides thousands of boxes across the UK every day. Although there are a lot of orders, the company face little trouble with its wonderful web stores based on Magento.

  1. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is a manufacturer of textiles and tools for sports and working in the mountains and on the ocean. The label of the company was founded in 1877. Despite the long history, the Helly Hansen is not considered to be old-of-date. Contrarily, the company is a trusted brand which many customers said. That is why Helly Hansen give customers the good shopping experience using the store on the web based on the Magento’s platform.

  1. Land Rover

Land Rover

Land Rover is one of the most popular automobile manufacturers. The company also provides many accessories that shoppers can buy such as sweatshirts, gilets, jackets, shirts, polos, and hoodies. The history of the company dates back decades, therefore it is believed to be one of the most dependable and reliable firms. Land Rover steps up with time and currently operates the store on Magento 2 with its business is flourishing.

  1. Monin


The world's famous brand Monin produces fruit smoothies, liqueurs, mixed cocktails and gourmet sauces. The location of the company in France keeps a competitive biography for a long time with not taking a back position in the market worldwide. To accelerate, Monin has determined to redesign its web stores to modern trends, which is why the Magento platform has been selected by the company.

  1. Munchkin


Munchkin concerns about the rising generation and supplies essential products for kids. Theỉ selection of products includes food supplies, bath toys, travel accessories, as well as sippy cups.

  1. Shiekh


The company is known around the world and does customers gratified by the shopping experience. According to the trend, Shiekh will be the friend of any discerning shopper. First, the company is determined to shape a way to the company for the development of BelVG web hosting. After creating the webshop platform running on Magento, Shiekhshoes has gained a much larger customer base.

  1. Tous


Tous is a company of jewelry, fashion and was established in 1920. Although the worldwide jewelry market is taken up by the different brands, Tous has grown a good fame due to their marketing. Concentrating not only on the level of the service but also on the quality of products the company serves, the website was designated on the Magento platform, then, certainly, make the shopping experience more pleasant.

Over 100,000 merchants around the world using the Magento for business development and their improvement. Brands in the world are not the exclusion. So perhaps it is the right time to select Magento!