In these times, smart devices are increasingly used for booking online. Magento 2 Booking then becomes the extension that can help service providers, hotels, travel agencies, law consultancy offices,… quickly and effectively control their business, and then customers can easily book products based on their need. It brings out a lot of benefits:

  • Available every time, everywhere.
  • Fast service apart from a long search.
  • Easily manage your calendar.
  • Easy installation and customization.
  • Faster payments.

With this article, we will suggest to you the extension that is highly appreciated and widely used in eCommerce systems. Let's get started with 5+ best Magento 2 Booking Extensions!

Why Need to Adopt a Magento 2 Booking Extensions?

If you are running a restaurant, a hotel, a clinic center, or some related businesses, a booking system is important for you. Why? First of all, there are three main reasons why you need to adopt a Magento 2 Booking Extension.

Why Need to Adopt a Magento 2 Booking Extensions

#1 Cost & Time Reduction

A booking system indicates that all bookings management jobs will automatically be done by implementing technologies. Hence, if you don’t adopt such an extension, you will have to hire employees to do it manually and you need to pay them.

And without a doubt, manually dealing with bookings, especially in peak periods with a large quantity, is very time-consuming and easy to make mistakes.

#2 Organizational Improvements

A booking system supports you to manage and organize all the bookings visibly and logically for everyone. All the data is saved and updated in just one place in real-time.

For that reason, it is eased to search when needed. Besides, such an extension helps to prevent duplicating bookings or booking-missing-out.

#3 Sales Boosting & Revenue Generating Possibility: 

The goal of every business is to boost sales hence generate revenue. A booking system will help to design the most simple and fastest booking process that customers don’t have to be concerned about anything. They don’t have to waste time making a phone call, which is annoying at times.

Though making a reservation is just the very first step, the satisfaction and the decision of returning or not also based mostly on your services and product quality, you shouldn’t neglect. The first impression is always powerful, right?

5+ best Magento 2 Booking extensions free & paid 2024

#1 Magento 2 Booking and Reservation by Magenest

This Booking and Reservation extension for Magento 2 allows the store admin to easily create and manage any bookable product.

Magento 2 Booking by Magenest

Highlight features:

Create and manage booking & reservation products with ease

  • Set a schedule for reservation products on a specific day
  • Allocate available time slots (or full day) for services
  • Set different pricing rules: special occasion, recurring, discount for early bird reservations,...
  • Set number of slots available and the level of stocks for each time period for the booking and reservation product/service

Assign staff to services or create products without staff serving

  • Add a profile about the new staff to store staff list to inform customers
  • Add a level of expertise for your staff to charge an equivalent price for that level
  • Attach staff's profile image to gains more trust from customers
  • Assign schedules and shifts to employees

Price: $249.00

Compatibility: CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x

#2 Magento 2 Booking & Reservation Extension by Magetop

Booking and Reservation extension for Magento 2 by Magetop is super helpful when you want to turn your Magento store into an event-driven website (e.g. movie booking system or doctor's appointment, etc.).

It provides a simple and user-friendly booking and reservation system. Now customers can easily book products appealing to their needs.

Magento 2 Booking by Magetop
  • Dynamic booking product creation for reservation and booking.
  • Dynamic time control: organize multiple time slots; set the time span of the slots.
  • Dynamic price settings: promotional price 
  • Flexible "exclude days": store closed on weekends, holidays, or other occasions.
  • Add the address in for each product Google Maps 
  • Add addons, discounts, and sales for each product.

Price: $149.00

Compatibility: CE, EE 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

#3 Magento 2 Booking and Reservation Extension by MageBay

Magento 2 Booking and Reservation System extension by MageBay is a compelling solution for online businesses that offer booking services or rental.

With this module, the admin can set up any product combined with a specific booking type as hours, date, or hours interval. Next, customers can book and pay for your items easily when they can reach out to real-time available booking slots at one glance.

  • Generate bookable products with booking time
  • Configure quantity slots and time slot
  • Create hotel booking product with various room type
  • Add an unlimited number of hotels
  • Update book status for each and every day
  • Add price, including promo price and number of available items for particular day and hour
  • Easy to install and configure

Price: 129$ - $699 based on different module options

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x.

#4 Magento 2 Booking & Reservation Extension by Webkul

This Magento 2 booking system will design a dynamic booking and reservation system for your products. The administrator can create bookings & reservations and can also add booking slots.

This extension provides two kinds of bookings for the products: One Booking for Many Days and Many Bookings in One Day. Once the booking product is designed, buyers can see it on the front-end and by choosing the date and time for the booking, they can book the product from there.

Magento 2 Booking by Webkul

Highlight features:

  • Dynamic event creation, event display, time setting for booking
  • Quantity measured based on slot 
  • Customers can see the booking details of the product in the Cart, such as date & time slot
  • Brilliant UX and UI for event display and booking.
  • Built on top of the Magento ORM and MVC system.

Price: 99$

Compatibility: Magento 2.0.x , 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

#5 Magento 2 Appointment Booking Extension by Cedcommerce

Appointment Booking System developed by CedCommerce for Magento 2.x enables online appointment bookings for various businesses, such as Automobile, Cosmetology, Servicing, Pathology, and much more.

Highlight features:

  • Supervise the records of booking products’ position
  • Enable and disable any function of appointment type booking system
  • Create non-working practices based on date or specific period of time
  • Generate the Appointment Booking type of product
  • Manage and configure the module with ease

Price: 99$

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x.

#6 Magento 2 Booking & Reservation Extension by Magebest

This module of Booking and Reservation System will convert your Magento store into a dynamic event-driven site. The admin can create/edit/delete reservations or bookings and can also add booking slots.

There are two types of provided bookings for the products: Various Bookings in One Day & One Booking for Various Days.

Magento 2 Booking by Magebest

Highlight features:

  • Rich features for booking, reservation, and many other options.
  • Dynamic event creation & display for Booking.
  • Customers can see the booking information details of the product in the Cart.
  • 100% Open-source, Support multi-store and multi-language.
  • Easy to Customize and Install.

Price: 149$

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x.

Wrapping up 

Magento 2 booking extensions are excellent solutions that can help service providers take control of overbooking and reservations efficiently and effectively on their Magento 2 store.

The list above is a compilation of the Top 5+ Magento Booking and Reservation Extensions.

Hope it will be helpful enough to improve your eCommerce website performance and your customers' experience, hence an increase in your revenue.

Thank you for reading!

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