A lot of businesses divert their attention solely to either their online sales and offline sales. We are most certain that every now and then customers would hear their friends recommend a store that is extremely good but when they look it up on Google the site just look that they were created in the 1990s, and now they hesitate. An online aspect of the businesses are often more neglected than the physical one, but online and offline actually should be used efficaciously together. Thus online-to-offline conversion can be beneficial for the business. "Presence off online and in the store of a retailer requires to exist side by side, and run without the separation that has become the line closing of retail experience of modern omnichannel. When retailers treat the physical and online channels, and as separate entities, they are not consumers. " - Terry Hunter, UK MD at Astound Commerce said.

Enhance customer experience by multiple layers

Brand experiences of multiple layers are defined as: "The process of stringing the values of the brand in general, lead the customer through the stages from brand awareness until demands are met."

The best practice is that you need to lead the customer through the actual shopping experience. Similarly, game Pokemon Go, creating different ways to maintain customer interaction. You want them excited to become a part of the cruise experience? You will get customers a surprise how the payment? Or that they enjoy open box product?

Brand experiences of multiple layers is a step in a more extended journey brand connect with customers. It is the combination of all the channels and services to create an unsurpassed customer experience.

Analyze your customer behaviors and preferences

Research shows that the businesses tend to increase the budget for the analysis of marketing data. Data gives you the opportunity to understand the customers and to personalize the customer journey. Also, customer interviews are still useful. You can gather information about consumers’ lifestyle, and habits.

The 'one size fits all' type of campaigns is no longer relevant in this decade. To increase the level of personalization, use data to optimize the customer experience. Reach the right individual at the right time with the proper channel clearance appropriate recommendations. As a manager, you should always keep track of your Google Analytics and experiment with A/B testing accordingly to make sure you are not missing out anything.

Optimize campaigns accordingly and take advantage of features that bring visibility to offline experiences

There are many ways that you can encourage and direct customers to actually go to your physical stores. Of course it won’t be easy, but if you are ready to go the extra miles here is a few suggestions from us.

Are you running your social media?

instagram magento 2

So you just launch a new shiny outlet, make sure you let your customers know about it. Aside from just an announcement, use a form of social media integration to make your Magento 2 site look its best.

Try our Instagram Shop for Magento 2 for example, not only does it allow you to import photos of your choice from Instagram, it also gives you this nice featured product function.

instagram magento 2

Are you still using a list of store addresses and phone numbers?

We won’t judge, but, retail companies are now using Google Maps to allow users to quickly find the stores that are close to them, and get direction and other information,

store locator magento 2

and of course, tell customers a little story about their store.

store locator magento 2

The above images are screenshots from our extension Store Locator for Magento 2. There is currently a discount on our extension, you can check it out now.