Over 500 millions people use the Web browser or mobile devices for image search to purchase the products each month is not a small number prove the development of today's visual world. The invention and activity of image and video editing apps are one of the evidence of it. Nevertheless, it is important that the firms, businesses can use these bases to achieve competitive advantages in the sale and online shopping market.

Instagram is considered as the most common social network for sharing the images today. By using Instagram, the online businesses can advertise and promote their wonderful products and services, connect with existing customers as well as look for the potential customers. Thanks to visually stunning images when using Magento 2 Instagram Integration Extension, customers’ shopping will become easier than ever. The information relating the products, the hashtag are provided helping users find out a plenty of choices in product pages.

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With Magento 2 Instagram Integration, admin can create and set a slider showcasing your Instagram photos anywhere on your storefront. As a result, customers’ shopping will be stimulated and attracted more to visit the Instagram site. Thus, the online businesses store can create a better social presence for their company. Then, the customers or users can check out the gallery images in any Magento store to look for the products suit their needs in the fastest and the most convenient way. A lot of customers confuse how the products are, simply, the customer need only hover over the photo, a caption window will slide from right to left and display like in the first photo. Thus, the customers can see immediately the information of products that want.

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Magento 2 Instagram Integration Extension has a direct link form the product sneak peek to its detail page. While browsing your Instagram photos, customers can easily get to the product that you want them to. This is a very good way to direct your traffic, provided you put the effort in your Instagram posts. That said, the process should not cost you a lot of setup time. With Magento 2 Instagram Integration, shopping is simple and convenient.