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Magento 2 Reward Points

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Magento 2 Reward Points

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Build your loyalty program successfully by rewarding points for your customers. Reward Points for Magento 2 allows merchants to increase sales by increasing customer retention.

Standard Version:

  • Set up multiple point earning rules and expiry time
  • Support behaviour rules and catalog rules
  • Display points in categories and product pages
  • Create a CMS page for reward points policy
  • Send email notification about balance update, expiration alert, etc.
  • Admin can edit point balance from the backend
  • Allow customers to refer a friend to earn points

Plus Version:

  • Create membership tiers: Segment customers smarter and personalize rules for each tier
  • All features of Standard Version

The road to gain loyal customers - Boost users' actions on-site to by letting them feel that buying is beneficial

Enhance your loyalty programs with high-end features & configurations of our Reward Points extension

Config an advanced loyalty suite to retain customers

    Drive sales by incentivizing customers to stay with your brand and keep spending their money on your products. Admins can set up behavior-based rules that give points when:

  • Customers create an account on your store
  • Customers subscribe to your email list
  • Customers make a purchase
  • Customers review a product
  • Customers successfully refer a friend, both of them can receive reward points
  • On special dates and occasions such as birthdays, holidays, etc.

Set up and manage your reward point system preferences

    With Magento 2 Reward Points Extension, merchants have complete control over how points are distributed, and how they are presented.

  • Set point exchange rate and point rounding rule
  • Set point calculation order: before or after tax
  • Control when your customers receive points based on order status in Magento: pending, processing, complete, closed, and/or on hold
  • Set point expiration date

Set earning rules to decide how customers will earn points on your store

    Magento 2 Reward Points by Magenest comes equipped with the most comprehensive behavior-based rules to cover point allocation.

  • Set rewards points in simple mode - Set how many points customers earn for each unit of currency spent
  • Admins can choose to allow customers to receive points for an order with discount applied with reward points or coupons
  • Choose how many points customers will earn for performing an action
  • Set the starting and the ending date for rules
  • Admins can choose to allow customers to receive points for an order with discount applied with reward points or coupons

Get to know your customers with the point management tool

    As admins, merchants can easily manage point allocation in Magento 2 backend:

  • View each customers' accumulated points and corresponding sales orders
  • Add/deduct reward points from a customer's account
  • Enable Risk Management to prevent point hack and modification

A landing page for your reward point policy

    To help customers understand how your policy program works, you'll need a page to provide them with detailed information. We've made it easy for you to do so.

  • In the configuration of Reward Points extension for Magento 2, you can create a new page page, or use our pre-designed template or any other existing page to set it as the landing page.
  • You can quickly add a link to your landing page in the footer with one click

Refer a friend to earn points

    Merchants can let customers refer a friend to receive reward points, this helps you attract customers without the need for any excessive activity

  • Create unique links with custom referral codes for each customer
  • Add a link to your landing page in the footer with one click
  • Share referral link via email or social networks
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