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Magento 2 Shop by Brand

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Magento 2 Shop by Brand lets your brands do the selling, helping you to increase AOV through cross-selling. This amazing tool highlights your products’ brands and saves time for visitors to search and buy in your online stores.

  • NEWDisplay related brands on brand details page
  • NEWEasily track revenue from each brand's products
  • Add and manage brands with ease
  • Beautiful brand pages with full of comprehensive information
  • The brand CMS page is highly customizable
  • User-friendly & SEO-friendly interface
  • Brand data can be exported/ imported using CSV. and XML. files
  • Arrange brands to different stores
  • Compatible with Alotheme
What you need What you need

There are many global and local brands mark their positions on the market. These brands have certain influences on the buying decisions of customers. As customers are satisfied with brand qualities, they tend to look for these brands when going shopping online. Therefore, we need a solution to help customers reach products from their preferred brands easily.

How we handle it How we handle it

Merchants now can showcase all the brands on their store in an attractive way thanks to Magento 2 Shop by Brand. Turning your website into appealing stalls of famous brands will help you gain trust from your shoppers. The shopping journey is shortened, following with more sales generated!

Take advantage of brand loyalty to boost sales with Magento 2 Shop by Brand

Design and track attractive brand pages

Create appealing and modern brand pages

    With each brand, you can use Shop by Brand on our Magento extensions to create a separate landing page. Beautify your CMS blocks with various attributes so that customers can feel familiar like they are on their favorite brand sites.

  • Assign multiple products to brands at the same time
  • Set specific products as featured products on the brand pages

Choose how brands appear on your storefront

    How the brands are displayed in your store will affect the way your customers react. Magento 2 Shop by Brand offers merchants various ways to make brand appearance more eye-catching to visitors.

  • Choose from different brand display styles
  • NEWDisplay related brands on brand details page
  • Display featured brands on all brands page
  • Display brand logo and/or name along with corresponding products

Import/ Export mass data of brands details

    You don’t need to create every brand page by hand, with Magento 2 Shop by Brand, all these data can be automatically imported to your back end. Also, vendors can export brand data to manage their products easily. Both exported and imported data will include:

  • Name of brand & product
  • Brands' information (name, description, page title, meta key, meta description, & groups)
  • Products' logo/banner
  • Products’ status (quantity, store, summary, group)
  • URL keyword

Magento 2 Shop by Brand helps you improve the brands searching tool for customers

Filter brands into groups

    All the brands can be gathered in different groups. Magento 2 Shop By Brand extension allows merchants to offer another layer of navigation for customers to find their products with convenience.

  • Create as many groups as you want
  • Enable/Disable brand groups
  • Furthermore, customers can find their favorite brands quickly by some filter choices:

  • A search box on the brand page
  • Filter by brand groups
  • Filter A-Z with a full list of brands
  • Featured brands slider

Custom SEO-friendly brand pages

    To enhance your ranking on the search engine result page, you can edit some elements of brand pages:

  • URL key
  • Meta title
  • Meta keywords
  • Meta description

Set brands for different stores

    As you have many stores or have special products for different areas or some of your branches offer local brands, setting the brand to certain stores is very necessary. In the backend, you can set the Store Views whether it appears on the main website or other online stores.

Add related brands on product details page

    Magento 2 Shop by Brand allows you to display a slider of brands below the footer of the product page:

  • Enable/Disable this function
  • Set slider’s position on the CMS page
  • Set the number of displayed brands

More useful features

  • Magento 2 Shop by brand extension setting

    Customize brand slider

    Create brand categories and show them on the sidebar

  • Magento 2 Shop by brand extension brand icon

    Display brand icon in the product list

    You can turn on/off brand’s icon in the backend page

  • Magento 2 Shop by brand extension brand logo

    Adding brand logos for your product’s blocks

    Admin can display the brand’s name and logo under every product

  • Magento 2 Shop by brand extension user-friendly design

    Friendly UI/UX design

    Admin can display the brand’s name and logo under every product

  • Magento 2 Shop by brand extension

    Add Brands page Link to Main Menu

    You can navigate customers to every product page

  • Magento 2 Shop by brand extension

    Update brands and products promptly

    It is easy to attach new available products and brands into your sites

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