Email marketing is known as the procedure of sending a marketable message, especially to several people through email.

Further, we can say that every email sent to a possible or present customer is email marketing. It consists of an email to send advertisements, request business, petition sales, and donations, etc.

Advantages of email marketing

We are well familiar with the fact that thousands of businesses of all sizes all around the world rely on email marketing. The following are some useful advantages as to why several businesses depend on email marketing. 

Save cost 

The most effective advantage of email marketing is that it is cheap in comparison to flowing marketing networks. It has no print or postage charges and no fees to change it for contact on a firm billboard, magazine, or television network.

Email marketing: save cost

Access to existing involved addressees

Mostly business through the network sends messages to those who have engaged in receiving the messages. In this way, it will support you for greater conversion rates as the business just focuses on those who already have engages in their products. 

Send directed messages

Several marketing experts favorably pay to guarantee that they are bearing the expenses focusing on those who are familiar and interested in their products/business.

There are several other advantages of email marketing as generates profits, simple to start, simple to analyze, simple to share, access to a worldwide audience, quick results, and unparalleled return on dealing, etc. 

Below are some outstanding statistics about the high productivity of email marketing.

Email marketing: statistics
Source: Pryton Technologies
  • Almost 59% of B2B marketers state that email is their most professional network for profit or income creation. 
  • A report by Experian mentions that 56% of products through emoji in email themes require a greater open rate.
  • If we analyze the ten email marketing studies, we came to know that Tuesday is the professional and suitable day of the week to send emails. 
  • 81% of minor businesses depend on emails such as their main customer attainment network, and 80% for retaining. 
  • The typical open rate for a comfortable email is 82%. 
  • Emails with modified subject lines produce 50% higher open rates. 
  • To send three uncontrolled cart email outcomes in 69% more orders as compared to a single email.

Popular ways to launch your marketing email 


Mailchimp is the most trending email marketing service benefactor all around the world. Mainly as they always offer free email marketing service strategies. 

It has a simple email producer, autoresponders, dividing associates into groups, and an easy tracing for analytics. You have several selections to make when you set up email promotions, as what to use as your From email address.

Email marketing: mailchimp

However, there are some limitations you must have to know:

  • The main reason for restrictions with free email addresses is that you have no proprietor domain. That's why you don’t have any resistor over its sending strategies.
  • You cannot add free email addresses to your proven domains in Mailchimp.
  • The free email domains have strategies in areas that can create sending problems. It secures you from email scams, but can also create issues for real marketers.
  • Mailchimp has expensive subscription campaigns rather than providing a great freemium proposal. But the prices are also high when you want to boost up your email, subscriber, etc. 
  • Mailchimp also has limited email automation. Reasonably its autoresponders are sold, but Mailchimp is dissatisfied when it is used for additional advanced automation. 
  • For new users, Mailchimp is difficult to customize. 


The Gmail mail server sends a boundary of around 100-150 emails per day when linked to the server through a remote email client.

You can send 500 emails in a day with the help of the Gmail SMTP server when logged into their web interaction. The Comcast mail server limits inhabited clients to send 1,000 messages in a day.


ProtonMail is not supportive of bulk/spam email. There are two conceivable hourly limits; ProtonMail accounts can access.

When a limit is reached, you have to wait 1 hour before sending it again.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo Mail sends emails more than 25 MB in size. This size limit is put on both the message and its attachments.

That's why when an attachment is precisely 25 MB, then it will not be able to send since the text and other data in the message enhances a small amount of data.

Use extensions integrating directly to your website

Integrations for email are also known as growths. Email by itself can complete a special range of actions.

You can integrate your email marketing tool or its extension directly to your website. These combined emails can direct campaigns, focus VIPs, and re-engage subscribers. It will help you to run your business.

We also introduce some great tools to support email marketing for Magento-based websites.

Email marketing

Admin notification emails

Admin notification email supports generating good control of your store routine in a minute. To get notifications, you have to mark the kind of event you would like to accept.

You can also increase admin notifications because all emails offer descriptive information sensibly collected in columns. Moreover, you can also create your chosen template.

For group notifications, you have to mention notifications into one email to see the figures for sales or path the approval of a definite product. It also proves to be a fast management function. Hence if you have several admin users, you can notify each of them with related info. 

To use it at 100% efficiency, you can integrate an extension according to your demands. Take a look at Magento 2 Admin Email Notification to upgrade your automatic notifying system.

Abandoned cart emails

Occasionally, your customers will look through your store. They will add some products to the shopping cart and will never come back to your website again in the future.

It is also possible that they didn’t like the costly shipping dues. Maybe they had to leave for an emergency and overlooked the shopping cart.

Email marketing: abandoned cart

These things occur more as you can think. Actually, the shopping cart abandonment rate for online shopping stores is high as 82.1% for definite businesses. You can remind your customers about the waiting items by sending them emails.

This is a great way to boost sales and control your orders. Abandoned cart email is one of the most common forms of email marketing and there are lots of integration for you to upgrade your sales workflow.

Follow up emails

Generally, two or three days are best to wait before sending your first follow-up email. You have to increase the interval period by a few days for each following email. It’s easy to stay engaged with your customers with follow-up emails. The email shows its benefit on multiple occasions such as after an event, before a special date of customers (birthday), or after they purchase a product.

Magento 2 Follow Up Email is a free extension that helps you auto send email marketing and avoid spam folders. Sending follow-up emails is proof of comprehensive, effective, and customized customer service. 


Email marketing is the best choice to boost up your business all around the world. Email service workers (ESPs) start to support the customers to create and control their email marketing promotions.

The service workers provide email templates and overall good practices. They also offer ways to control subscriptions and cancellations directly