ERP Integration with Magento is the process of synchronizing and connecting all data between your ERP system and Magento eCommerce store. And the most common way to do this is using a third-party extension. This solution can bring many benefits to business owners, especially when you have a limited budget and can’t afford to hire an expert team.

In this article, we offer you the best Magento 2 ERP Integration extensions that receive the most ratings according to experts and customers as well.

1. Magento 2 ERP Integration by Magenest

Magento 2 ERP Integration by Magenest
Magento 2 ERP Integration by Magenest

Magenest provides Odoo Integration. It is the 2-way integration that synchronizes between Magento 2 and Odoo ERP. The strongest point of this ERP Integration is the automated and effective operation that helps your organization save time and effort without any manual errors. 

Unlike other extensions, this tool helps you to optimize your operation activities at the lowest price ever. However, you will see the differences and effectiveness when using because it is easy to use and keep track of data.

Key features:

  • Syncing Magento 2 Customers to Odoo contacts
  • Syncing data about product, order, invoice, credit memo in the fastest time
  • Syncing tax rules and Shipping methods from Magento to Odoo
  • Easily keeping track of performance transmitting data with syncing reports
  • Allowing synchronization in real-time or by cronjobs
  • Providing automated synchronization without manual errors
  • Keeping track of all syncing requests and syncing status

Price: $169

Compatibility: CE, EE 2.2.x, 2.3.x

2. Magento 2 ERP Integration by Boostmyshop

Magento 2 ERP Integration by Boostmyshop
Magento 2 ERP Integration by Boostmyshop

This tool from Boostmyshop brings benefits to your Magento 2 e-commerce website with unique and effective management especially for inventory, supplier and order preparation. Thanks to the quick and easy control, Boostmyshop allows you to boost your revenue effectively. 

If your business needs an extension aiming at managing the inventory to get your customers happy, this one is a great option. 

Key features:

  • Managing the inventory in a unique way
  • Quickly preparing order
  • Supporting intelligent assistant for purchase
  • Fully compatible with any third-party extensions

Price: $790

Compatibility: Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x & 2.4.x

3. Magento 2 ERP Integration by Firebearstudio

Firebearstudio provides the best solution for any e-commerce websites relating to importing and exporting functions. The considerable benefits it brings to your organization is the variety of file types and helps reduce time management. 

The tool is also run by the Magento 2 admin. Giving you the most flexible management whenever using. 

Key features:

  • Import in a variety of file types (Google sheet, SOAP, REST API, etc.)
  • Flexible EAV import
  • Import and export orders, cart price rules, and so on
  • Automate and schedule import and export
  • Average import speed about 3000 products/minute
  • The extension is open code

Price: $599

Compatibility: 2.1 - 2.4

4. Magento 2 ERP Integration by Xtento

Xtento provides the extension connecting between Acountview ERP and Magento 2 websites. Using this module, all data, items and transactions of your store will be automatically and conveniently transmitted. By that, all of your business issues will be solved easily. Let’s try out. 

Key features:

  • Support exporting issues including data, order, customers’ information
  • Export data in a quick way
  • Allow adding custom fields
  • Automatically conduct without errors
  • Save time and effort

Price: $424

Compatibility: Magento 2 Community 2.1.0 - 2.4.1

5. Magento 2 ERP Integration by Beehexa

Beehexa utilizes the latest technologies to provide you with Hexasync - a real-time data synchronization platform. The strong point of this extension is to ensure that your data will be integrated into a reliable transmitting process between Magento 2 store and ERP applications.

Key features:

  • Handling all of the complexity of ERP Integration
  • Being flexible in the integration process
  • High protection of data
  • Keeping your business with real-time synchronization
  • Providing better visibility for customers’ orders

Price: Contact to get demo use first

Compatibility: Magento 2 Community 

6. Magento 2 ERP Integration by Ebridge Connections

Magento 2 ERP Integration by Ebridge Connections
Magento 2 ERP Integration by Ebridge Connections

Ebridge Connections provides you with the automated process to eliminate manual data entry. That means data about sales, orders, customers, pricing, inventory, etc. will be transmitted easily, saving your costly errors. This tool is a good choice for Magento 2 merchants with more than 200 orders a month.

Key features:

  • Automated process syncing data between Magento 2 and ERP platform
  • Supporting multi-store and multi-platform
  • Providing shared business rules to reduce cost
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to support team

Price: From $300

7. Magento 2 ERP Integration by APPSeCONNECT 

APPSeCONNECT is the software that connects Magento 2 websites with various ERP platforms including SAP, Microsoft, Netsuite, etc. The software also provides business owners with real-time and 2-way data synchronization to streamline operations, enhancing productivity and efficiency. You can select the system you want to connect with Magento and share integration requirements with the provider’s team for further discussions.

Key features:

  • Allowing you to connect with a variety of platforms
  • Securing data in the transmitting process
  • Providing real-time and 2-way synchronization
  • Syncing e-commerce data quickly and conveniently

Price: $223

8. Magento 2 ERP Integration by Magestore

Magento 2 ERP Integration by Magestore
Magento 2 ERP Integration by Magestore

This tool is a great option that has the capability of ERP Integration with any solutions. Like other extensions, your e-commerce data will be exchanged automatically and synchronized between Magento and ERP. 

Key features:

  • Compatible with any third-party extensions
  • Flexible to custom and adjust with business needs
  • Flexible with the exporting process
  • Allow updating data with real-time process

Price: $299

9. Magento 2 ERP Integration by Celigo

Magento 2 ERP Integration by Celigo
Magento 2 ERP Integration by Celigo

This platform helps 1600+ businesses streamline their operation activities and grow in an effective way. Providing integration between NetSuite and platforms including Magento, Salesforce, Amazon, eBay, etc. you will be approached to optimize your revenue, improve customers' experience. 

Celigo for Magento 2 allows retailers to synchronize data in the e-commerce website to NetSuite ERP. The strong point of this tool is to manage inventory, keep track of your financial issues, host e-commerce stores and maintain customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. You can apply this tool in a wide range of business applications. 

Key features:

  • Automatically updating inventory based on changes in NetSuite
  • Making shipping information based on order fulfillment
  • Exchange items between the two platforms
  • Connecting Magento 2 websites to a single NetSuite account

Price: Free

Compatibility: CE 2.0 - 2.4, EE 2.0 - 2.4

10. Magento 2 ERP Integration by E-link

This tool also supports 2-way synchronization between Magento 2 e-commerce and Sage ERP. You can customize the integration to fit your business. It handles all data connection points for business partner portals and many more, helping your business work well without manual errors.

Customers have to have an account set up by CertiPro to use E-link. When registering with the tool, you have a one-time setup fee, annual recurring maintenance, and optional add-ons for improved functionality. 

Key features:

  • Updating customer information
  • Manage inventory and pricing levels
  • Keep track of shipping and order status
  • Support online payments

Price: Free

Compatibility: CE 2.0 - 2.3, EE 2.0 - 2.3

What is your choice?

Choosing a third-party extension for optimizing operation activities is never easy. Firstly, you have to take all of your requirements and other issues such as budget, features you want, etc. into account. Then, opting for a reliable provider as mentioned above. Hopefully, our sharing can help you choose the best extension for your eCommerce store!