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magento 2 content staging
Magento Commerce

Content Staging of Enterprise Edition – Key to Efficient Content Publishing

Are there any extensions that enable you to create new shopping experiences faster and easier than before? It’s Magento 2 Content Staging that I need to mention first!

Basically, Magento 2 Content Staging is a great toolkit for merchants to manage multiple promotional campaigns. Especially it’s really helpful for consecutive campaigns where months of preparation in advance are required.

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magento 2 customer segmentation
Magento Commerce

Magento 2 Customer Segmentation for a new digital experience

In an era of big data, hyper-connected digital customer, and hyper-personalization, segmentation is the cornerstone of customer insight and understanding across the modern digital business. But the question is: Is your segmentation approached antiquated or advanced? Let’s take a look at Magento 2 customer segmentation then answer it yourself!

Basically, the concept of segmentation is so straight-forward.

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magento commerce visual merchandiser
Magento Commerce

Visual Merchandiser for Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce Visual Merchandiser is a toolkit that helps store managers to change the order of display for your products. You can create rules to assign products to specific categories, and sort these products according to automated rules. For non-technical store managers, arranging products in categories become so simple with a drag-and-drop interface. Merchants can easily drag any products they want to highlight on top, and hide those that are not selling well at the bottom. So working in Magento now is just as easy as in a physical store. Drag anything you want and re-arrange products in just several clicks.

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Magento 2 Payments

Magento Payment Gateway Integrations: An Overview of Contenders | Magenest

Perhaps we can all agree with this opinion:

“In the digital age, payment is increasingly being done online.”

Today there are various online payment gateways that act as standalone processors or as

integrations in e-Commerce platforms such as Magento.

You might be thinking of PayPal, yes?

Since the dot-com bubble of the last two decades, PayPal is by-and-large the largest payment

gateway on the planet.

But PayPal’s not the only contender here.

Other significant competitors are there, competing with PayPal since the smartphone era.

In this article we show you most popular payment gateways online. Especially in case you’re doing

commerce business.

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Best CRM Applications – Zoho vs. Salesforce | Magenest

If you’re already familiar with the best CRM applications, you might be wondering:

“Should I choose Zoho CRM or Salesfor    ce? Which one is better?”

Of course you might have heard of alternatives, but really these two are top-tier. Both of them are

on the lists of the best CRM applications that we should consider to purchase.

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Product Content

Social login extension for Magento 2

The definition of social login

According to, social login is defined as “a single sign-on (SSO) technology” that allows web users to verify themselves on a broad range of applications and sites by connecting through a social media account rather than using a separate ID and password on each website, which we all know as an exhausting and tedious process. Some social logins such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter commonly connected to some websites. When the user visits a site that offers social logins, they may register or log in with their ID and password that they regularly use on their social media. A widget or plug-in is available for use to link the site to the customers’ social platform.

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Gift Wrapping Ideas

Instead of spending hundreds of dollar on luxury bags, it is way more economical and straightforward to turn wrapping paper, craft paper or even a pre-loved envelope into an original and stunning paper gift bag.
Reference link:

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