Jingle bell, Santa Claus is coming to town! Christmas is the time to decorate your house with festive colors and enjoy the warmth of family and friends.

Christmas is all in the air right now, and Magenest wishes you and your family a magical and blissful holiday!

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When the Magento Sale occurs

This promotion will last in 7 days, starting from December 18th to 25th. So please note it down to don’t miss out the biggest shopping week of the year.

Your Christmas Deals

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Christmas deals M2 extension: Card Dance game
Try your luck with our Card Dance game

Terms & Conditions:

  • Each email can participate the game only one time.
  • When purchasing our extensions with discounts, you will get refund by reward points. These points can be redeemed for other orders at Magenest store.
  • You can apply discount codes only for orders above $100
  • The discount codes are invalid after Dec 31, 2019.

Once again, Magenest wishes you nothing but the best of the joyous Christmas season!