Google Shopping’s first appearance in 2012 has brought a new height to digital marketing and customer purchasing experience.

A piece of ad with comprehensive information and a presentable image is what can draw customers in the first place and drive them down to the conversion funnel.

But how can you create one that gets featured on the first page of Google Shopping? The answer lays down at the act of curating an efficient Google Shopping feed.

If this term sounds new to you, read our ultimate guide to learn about Google Shopping feed.

If you have grasped the basics and are looking for something more sophisticated to handle your product on your Magento store, this is probably what you need - a compilation of the best Magento 2 Google Shopping feed vendors to aid you in creating a resourceful feed.

Scroll down to find out!

#1 Magento 2 Google Shopping | Magenest

The first two products we'd like to introduce today are not only aimed to assist newbies of Google Shopping but also tailored for experienced merchants too.

Google Shopping Magento 2 extension by Magenest helps merchants sync their product data to Merchant Center Account effortlessly. As the result, they can upload the information of their products to Google Shopping at ease, saving valuable time and resources for merchants.

With Google Shopping extension by Magenest, your Magento and Merchant Center account will always be synchronized

Key features

  • Automatically synchronizing data with Content API for shopping
  • Offering 2 options: manual sync or scheduling the syncing time
  • Easily mapping Magento product categories with Google Categories
  • Creating product templates by mapping Magento Fields to Google Product Fields
  • Setting up multiple feeds with different conditions
  • Adding UTM trackings to your Google Shopping campaigns
  • Getting product status and Google Merchant message for each product


  • Community edition $99
  • Enterprise edition $299


Magento Community - Enterprise: 2.3.x, 2.4.x

#2 Magento 2 Product Feed | Magenest

Magento 2 Product Feed from Magenest offers seamless experiences to retailers to set up their product feed on Google and Facebook. The extension is expected to ease the product data uploading process, especially if you are a first-timer. The setting is all placed in the backend, so feel free to modify and set up your preferences.

Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed: Magenest
Magento 2 Google Shopping feed from Magenest. FREE for community version

Key features

  • Simple and easy to add product feed to Google and Facebook instead of manually uploading
  • Provide various ready-to-use templates to craft beautiful designs for your ads. File formats supported: XML (for Google shopping) and CSV (Facebook shopping).
  • Keep track of the activities by uploading history and notification emails in the backend.

Price: 0$ - $169

Magenest offers a free of charge extension for the community version and $169 for the enterprise version.


Magento CE and EE 2.2.x, 2.3.x

#3 Product feed Magento | Amasty

Amasty’s Magento 2 Product feed allows you to set up and upload your product data on multiple platforms: Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Bing,... the list goes on. Thanks to the multi sales channels it offers, you can reach more customers across platforms while feeling at ease to create unlimited feeds with your bare hands, no technical skills required.

Key features

  • Create Google Shopping feed in 7 simple steps. The instruction is clear so just follow it thoroughly via the Google Feed Wizard. The setting will work for both Google and Facebook
  • Increase your brand presence on multiple search engines
Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed: Amasty 1
An example of generating feed in Magento 2 Google Shopping feed
  • Offer pre-made templates and the ability to modify existing templates to better suit other sales channels
  • The Magento shopping feed helps you create efficient campaigns as you can adjust your feeds according to the requirements on each platform and modify the product attributes you want to promote
  • Stay on top of your campaign performance in one handy grid. This is a retailer-friendly interface to manage your data
  • Create the feed faster with Multi-Process Generation and ZIP/BZ/GZ archives


  • Community $199
  • Enterprise $499


Magento 2.2, 2.3, 2.4

Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed: Amasty 2
Magento 2 Google Shopping feed from Amasty - Multiple sales channels and search engine

#4 Magento 2 Product Feed | Mageplaza

Magento 2 Google product feed by Mageplaza is a one-suits-all extension that is adjustable to all popular sales platforms. The template format is developed into 3 forms TXT, .CSV, and .XML and are said to be easy to insert or modify in the backend.

Key features

  • Very easy to generate templates that are customizable to many platforms. Admin is granted unlimited access to template generation
  • Support a library of useful variables for template creators
  • Automatically add products to the feed by setting the criteria. Based on these rules, the admin can filter products based on sizes, colors, designs, SKUs, categories, etc
Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed: Mageplaza
Example of rule-based product filter in Magento 2 Google Shopping feed
  • Support all product types: bundle, virtual, downloadable, grouped, configurable, etc
  • The product feeds are automatically sent to compatible platforms, search engines
  • URLs are publicized, making it easier for other shopping engines to connect with the feed
  • Product feeds can be updated on a weekly/monthly basis and admin can choose to do it manually or systematically

Price $149


CE/EE/B2B/Cloud 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

#5 Product Feed Generator For Magento 2  | Magebees

The product feed Magento from Magebees help you improve your customer reach and improving sales performance by auto-generating feeds for various shopping platforms: Google, Bing, Amazon,, etc  

Key features

  •  Various templates are made ready to fit the standard requirements from major shopping and search engines
  • CSV and XML formats supported
Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed: Magebees
Magento 2 Google Shopping feed: support CSV and XML files
  • Equipped with many filters, making it easy to set up the feeds
  • Specify different price, date, and time formats for each feed
  • Schedule the product feed at a selected time and it will be uploaded automatically
  • Create feeds faster on FTP/SFTP server. You just need to adjust the setting in the FTP setting sections
  • Set your own conditions for the attributes or change the export value
  • Map the categories in Magento 2 Google shopping feed with shopping platforms’ categories


  • Community: $89
  • Enterprise: $209


Magento CE 2.2.x , 2.3.x, 2.4.x

#6 Advanced Product Feeds for Magento 2 | Mirasvit

Magento 2 Google Shopping feed by Mirasvit enables you to speed up the feed installation and adjust to the requirements of each online marketplace. It integrates perfectly with Google shopping feed and Google Analytics to both boost your brand presence and streamline the management alike.

Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed: Mirasvit
Magento 2 Google Shopping feed by Miravsit

Key features

  • Easy installation with step-by-step instructions. You just need to check the options you want to include
  • Export products from any format. It can accommodate 100,000 products from your database  
  • Adaptable to your needs: you can change the product attributes, dynamic attributes, mapping, etc
  • Product filters and performance filters to configure your product feed and stay updated with the performance
  • 50+ templates are available and highly compliant with the requirements of each sales channel. It’s ready to use on many popular sales platforms. You can create your first feed with 2 clicks!
  • Make use of the available library of patterns to design a sophisticated feed that grabs the attention
  • Built-in reports and Google Analytics report to help you keep your eyes on the performance, clicks, purchases and help you choose the product attributes that create more sales
  • Schedule your feed at a stipulated time
  • Email notification to help you aware of the current feed updates/failure


  • Community: $179
  • Enterprise: $278


2.2.X - 2.4.X

#7 Magento 2 product feed | DRC Systems

Magento Google shopping makes it easy to create the feed, upload it to Google shopping, and offer various functions to speed up the process.

Key features

  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Various available templates to help you quickly modify according to the requirements
  • Filtering to make it easy to choose your preferred attributes
  • STP/SFTP setting to generate your feed faster 
  • Both manual and automatic feeds are available


  • Regular license: $49
  • Extended license: $520


Magento 2.0.X, 2.1.0 ~ 2.1.3

#8 Google Shopping Magento 2 | Webkul

Webkul Store delivers a Magento 2 Google Shopping feed that is flexible, automatic, and handy to connect your data to Google Shopping. The categories are mapped out in your store and Google feed, making it easier to handle.

Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed: Webkul
Magento 2 Google Shopping feed from Webkul

Key features

  • Authorize your Google Merchant account easier 
  • Configure product feed in module configuration part where you can set targeted audiences, set product condition (new, re-stock, etc)
  • Easy to map Google merchant account attributes with Magento store attributes. You can reset and modify it after it was saved
  • Setup category mapping easily
  • Auto-update product information in Google merchant center account if it’s changed in Magento store
  • Support all product types: downloadable, bundle, configurable


  • Community $99
  • Enterprise $178


Magento, 2.0.x , 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

#9 Magento 2 Google feed | FME Extensions

The Shopping feed from FME is a resourceful extension that is functional on Facebook, eBay, Bing, and Google Shopping. It helps to improve the traffic, extends your brand exposure, and simplifies your work in approaching different platforms.

Key features

  • Send you product feeds to multiple shopping platforms and search engines: Google, Amazon, eBay, etc
  • Set up CSV, XML product feed templates in a few simple steps
  • Easy to update product feed for Shopping campaigns
  • Monitor your traffic with the help of Google Analytics
  • Able to set the conditions to filter out product attributes and choose different attribute values for each feed

Price: $149.99 - $499.99


2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed extensions: FME
Magento 2 Google Shopping feed from FME Extensions

Final words

We hope the list of the best Magento 2 Google shopping feed has given you some insights into the available providers out there. Magento 2 extensions cover basic functions such as product feed templates, selecting preferred attributes, filtering product attributes, etc. and some offer some advanced functions such as rules-based filter, adapt to across platforms...

If you’re new and unsure of how Magento Google shopping works, and which one to purchase, you can opt for the Free-of-charge product feed to get familiarized with the basics first. Ready yet? Explore it now!