Getting your own website is not something hard or challenging nowadays. What is hard though, is getting traffic to come into your website. How to get people to come to your site then? What are the ways to increase traffic to your website? Let’s dive in and find out.

ways to increase traffic to your website 1
The only place where crowded traffic is good is on your website

We all know the basics: pay for ads, on-page SEO, link-seeding - the usual. But there are many more ways to increase traffic to your website that you can think of. In this articles, we will explore these options:

  1. Advertising
  2. Pay attention to your content
  3. Optimizing content for search engines
  4. Guest blogging
  5. Take advantage of social media and online platforms
  6. Email marketing
  7. Improve your site
  8. Internal linking
  9. Make use of analytic data
  10. Check up on opponents

Now, let’s dive into each one in this list of 10 ways to increase traffic to your website.

1. Advertising

When in doubt, use money. Okay, no, that’s not really a piece of good advice in general, but in this situation, it is quite useful. Paying money for ads is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase traffic to your website - that is if you have a budget for it. There are many channels to put your ads, from social media advertisements to pay-per-click (PPC). Be sure to do your research and choose the most suitable platform(s) to launch your ads, and remember to adjust your campaigns accordingly every day to be effective across platforms.

ways to increase traffic to your website 2
Displayed PPC ads on Google

If used correctly, PPC advertisement is one of the most awesome ways to increase traffic to your website and can bring you a steady stream of traffic for a reasonable cost, as long as you know the meta of the platform you are advertising on. Facebook has different tools for image ads and video ads for as low as $5 a day, and with good visual representation, your Instagram story ads can also bring back a decent amount of traffic. And of course, there’s Google Ads, with tools and analytic capabilities that will enable you to optimize your ads.

2. Pay attention to your content

Money and ads mean nothing if your content is trash. There, I said it. You can’t demand quality and steady traffic if your content leaves much to be desired. Paying attention to what is on your website is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website and to generate loyal audiences, which guarantees steady traffic.

ways to increase traffic to your website 3
Content is key

So how do you improve your content then? Well, it’s not easy and requires a lot of brainstorming, but you can start with varying your content: creating articles that vary in length and format, and writing style. Adding graphs, charts, images, and videos can definitely help; and occasionally, check on your old content and edit it so it stays up-to-date. If you are passionate and creative enough you’ll have good content, which can be considered very efficient ways to increase traffic to your website.

3. Optimizing contents for search engines

It’s time for the dreaded - or beloved - phrase of the marketing community: SEO. Of course, virtually everyone who has a website knows what SEO is or how to apply it to their content in order to rack up traffic, but since SEO is still one of the best and most popular ways to increase traffic to your website, it’s worth going over the basics of SEO here.

ways to increase traffic to your website 4
SEO keywords are essential for your success

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimizations. The name explains it all - SEO is the process of optimizing content in order to receive the best traffic possible from search engines. To master the art of SEO, besides utilizing your keywords to attract searchers, you can consider optimizing image alt text, creating internal links, using meta descriptions, and targeting long-tail keywords. Mastering all of these SEO skills will help you master the ways to increase traffic to your website.

4. Guest blogging

The name pretty much says it all - guest blogging is posting as a guest on a reputable website. It’s one of the classic ways to increase traffic to your website - and also helps to build your brand as a result. You can search and look through reliable websites that are relevant to your field, and see if they are searching for contributors/guest bloggers. Though be careful - Google is cracking down on low-quality guest blogging, so if your article is not good enough, you might be marked as spam.

ways to increase traffic to your website 5
Guest blogging - why not?

The good news is, guest blogging is a two-way street. If you don’t like posting for other websites, that’s cool. You can let the others guest blog on your site then. Remember to pick reputable and reliable guests, and it will help you to generate and attract new audiences thus becoming one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website.

5. Take advantage of social media and online platforms

In this digital age and with the booming of all kinds of social media and platforms, if you don’t know how to take advantage of them, my friend, you are falling behind. Utilizing social media such as Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok can be one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website. 

If you want to increase traffic from social media to your website, try our Social Media Login and Share extension, which will help your audience to log in and share your website easier. Or check out our Instagram Shop extension, which allows you to synchronize your Instagram gallery with your website.

ways to increase traffic to your website 6
You are not a dinosaur. Use social media.

Using Facebook and Instagram and Twitter is good, but have you ever considered other platforms such as LinkedIn or Reddit?

I know. Reddit? That doesn’t sound right - but it is actually a very good platform - and who says posting on Reddit isn’t one of the ways to increase traffic to your website? Find subreddits that entertain relevant discussions, contribute to posts and to the community, and you can go from there. 

The same goes with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: engage in community and discussions and then you can start seeding. LinkedIn is a great place to seed your posts if you have an academic-focused website, and answering questions on Quora can give you decent traffic as well. There is really no limit when it comes to ways to increase traffic to your website through social media and online platforms, and you should explore that possibility. Check out our Social Media package - we offer great tools for you to start your social media journey.

Now go out there and start your TikTok campaign.

6. Email marketing

This one is old, but it’s not out of date. Email marketing is great for engaging and reaching out to the audience, and it has always been one of the good ways to increase traffic to your website. You can set up a newsletter and/or sign up fields so you can gather emails from your audience, and you can send them updates, promo codes, or encourage your audience to explore your blog. Check out our Email Marketing package to see what you can utilize.

ways to increase traffic to your website 7
Utilizing email marketing is never a bad idea

However, be careful when using email marketing. Only send them important/interesting news, do not send too many emails that bombard the inbox of your audience - or else you will forever end up in the spam box. 

Consider sending emails reminding them of items they left in their carts, or follow up on their interest. We at Magenest can offer you a lot of options for email marketing, such as the Abandoned Cart Email extension, or help you with automatic mails with our Follow Up Email module. Or if you have problems managing mails from the customers, then check out the Admin Email Notification.

7. Improve your website’s Google Speed mark

It’s already 2021, people. Come on. Why are we still having websites that take a minute to load or websites that can’t be accessed on mobile phones? Want to know the secret ways to increase traffic to your website? Make your website functional.

There is this thing called PageSpeed Insight, which is basically a Google tool that assesses your website’s functionality, loading speed, and compatibility on devices. Enter your website’s URL and check out the scores. If you score above 90/100, you are good to go.

ways to increase traffic to your website 8
Use PageSpeed Insight to improve your Google Speed mark

Almost everyone uses a smartphone nowadays. If your website can’t be accessed on smartphones, or it’s not optimized for smartphones’ browsers, you are actively driving away your traffic and basically committing virtual suicide. Make your website accessible for smartphones, optimizing image/other types of file sizes to make sure your site loads fast, and you will get better traffic in no time.

8. Internal linking

Okay, technically, this can be considered part of the SEO process. But internal linking is rather important and is one of the great ways to increase traffic to your website in and of itself, so we are going to separate this and put it in this separated section. Already familiar with SEO? Good. Let’s move on to internal linking then.

ways to increase traffic to your website 9
Internal linking is a great way to help your audience to enjoy your content

Internal linking simply is just putting a link that leads to another page but from the same website. Pretty basic. But using internal links correctly can greatly improve the amount of traffic for your website. To put it simply, if an audience is reading one of your articles and wants to know more about similar/related matters, they can click on the internal links you put in said articles that lead them to other posts on your website, and voilà. Profit.

9. Make use of analytic data

As much as I hate math and numbers and data, I have to admit, analyzing data is vital for any and all kinds of jobs. In marketing though, data can help you with a lot of things and make your work easier for you - especially if applied in ways to increase traffic to your website.

ways to increase traffic to your website 10
Data is beautiful. Utilize it.

Google Analytics is a great place to start - it’s a web analyzing service offered by Google that can greatly assist you to track down traffic, seeing where your traffic is coming from, and which pages generate the most traffic. We recommend taking careful looks at the clicks on your websites: where the clicks come from when your websites receive the most clicks, and the behaviors of the converted clicks (clicks that ignite sales). You can also use Yandex to clearly see the behaviors of the clicks on your websites.

By using these data and information as ways to increase traffic to your website, you can choose to focus your resources on places that will optimize the outcome, make changes, and adapt to places that are performing sub-optimal.

10. Check up on your opponents

Let’s be real, checking on your opponents won’t directly make your traffic go up - that’s not how traffic works. But checking up on your opponent can still be considered one of the ways to increase traffic to your website. Why, you may ask? Well, even though it cannot directly transform into traffic, by checking up on your opponent, you can see what they are doing, what people are into, and what are the current trends.

ways to increase traffic to your website 11
Following and learning from your opponents is surprisingly informative

Once you have learned enough information, you can apply that information to your content in order to attract more and more audiences. It’s that simple. Of course, your opponent isn’t the only source of information, but it’s a source you shouldn’t overlook.


So there you have it: 10 ways to increase traffic to your website. There are more, of course, if you delve deep enough into this matter. But if you are a beginner, this should be more than enough to get you going. If you have any other tips on how to boost traffic, feel free to share with us in the comment section - and good luck driving in traffic!